Vespoidea: Pompilidae (hrabalkovití)

Straka Jakub
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae Supplementum 11: 111-131, 2009
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Abstract: Checklist of Pompilidae of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is pre- sented: 100 species are known from the Czech Republic (85 from Bohemia, 92 from Moravia), and 99 from Slovakia. Anoplius alpinobalticus Wolf, 1965 and Priocnemis fastigiata Haupt, 1934 are new species for Bohemia, Arachnospila conjungens (Kohl 1898), Arachnospila rufa (Haupt, 1927) and Dipogon mon- ticolus Wahis, 1972 are new species for Slovakia. Occurrence of the following rare species was confirmed: Priocnemis pellipleuris Wahis, 1998, Poecilagenia rubricans (Lepeletier, 1845), Arachnospila westerlundi (Morawitz, 1893), Tachy- agetes filicornis (Tournier, 1889), and Anoplius tenuicornis (Tournier, 1889) for the Czech Republic, Dipogon vechti Day, 1979 and Auplopus rectus (Haupt, 1926) for Bohemia, Aporus pollux (Kohl, 1888), Dicyrtomellus tingitanus (Wolf, 1966), and Priocnemis pellipleuris for Slovakia. The following species have been condi- tionally removed from the Slovak fauna until the material is revised: Priocnemis baltica Blüthgen, 1944, P. bellieri Sichel, 1860, P. diversa Junco, 1947, P. fallax Verhoeff, 1922, P. massaliensis Soyer, 1945, Arachnospila consobrina (Dahlbom, 1843), Evagetes sahlbergi (Morawitz, 1893), Anoplius tenuicornis (Tournier, 1889), and Episyron funerarium (Tournier, 1889). Majority of these species are highly unlikely to occur in Slovakia.
Key words: Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Pompilidae, checklist, new records, Czech Republic, Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia