Apoidea: Apiformes (včely)

Straka Jakub, Bogusch Petr, Přidal Antonin
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae Supplementum 11: 241-299, 2009
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Abstract: Checklist of bees (Apiformes) of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is given: altogether 681 species are known from both republics: 584 from the Czech Republic (469 from Bohemia and 570 from Moravia) and 643 from Slovakia. Ten species of the family Melittidae occur in the Czech Republic (9 in Bohemia, 10 in Moravia), 12 in Slovakia. Family Megachilidae is represented by 105 species in the Czech Republic (85 in Bohemia, 104 in Moravia) and 123 species in Slovakia. Stelis franconica Bluethgen, 1930 and Chelostoma emarginatum (Nylander, 1856) are new for Bohemia, Megachile nigriventris Schenck, 1868 for Moravia, and M. pyrenaea Pérez, 1903 for Slovakia. Stelis nasuta (Latreille, 1809), Hoplitis loti (F. Morawitz, 1867), and Osmia andrenoides Spinola, 1808 are removed from the fauna of Bohemia, Anthidium montanum F. Morawitz, 1864 from the fauna of the Czech Republic (both Bohemia and Moravia). Altogether 161 species of the family Apidae are known from the Czech Republic (124 from Bohemia, 157 from Moravia) and 185 species from Slovakia. Nomada atroscutellaris Strand, 1921 and N. trispinosa Schmiedeknecht, 1882 are new for Bohemia, Ceratina nigrolabiata Friese, 1896, Nomada melanopyga Schmiedeknecht, 1882, and N. tridentirostris Dours, 1873 are new for the Czech Republic (Moravia), Epeolus tarsalis F. Morawitz, 1874 is new for Slovakia. The following species are removed from the faunas because no reliable data are known: Pasites maculatus Jurine, 1807, Ceratina acuta Friese, 1896 and Nomada sybarita Schmiedeknecht, 1882 from Moravia, Biastes truncatus (Nylander, 1848), Nomada connectens Pérez, 1884, N. corcyraea Schmiedeknecht, 1882, N. imperialis Schmiedeknecht, 1882, N. incisa Schmiedeknecht, 1882, N. insignipes Schmiedeknecht, 1882, N. opaca Alfken, 1913, N. pectoralis F. Morawitz, 1877, N. pygidialis Schmiedeknecht, 1881, N. tenella Mocsáry, 1883, Tetraloniella graja (Eversmann, 1852), T. lyn- cea (Mocsáry, 1879), Synhalonia berlandi Dusmet, 1926, and Eucera taurica F. Morawitz, 1871 from Slovakia. Family Andrenidae is represented with 138 species in the Czech Republic (116 in Bohemia, 133 in Moravia) and 150 spe- cies in Slovakia. Andrena lagopus Latreille, 1809 is new for the Czech Republic (Moravia). Occurrences of A. chrysopus Pérez, 1903 and A. morio Brullé, 1832 in Bohemia, A. distinguenda Schenck, 1871 in Moravia, A. rugulosa E. Stoeckhert, 1935, A. sericata Imhoff, 1868, A. susterai Alfken, 1914, and A. trimmerana (Kirby, 1802) in the Czech Republic (Moravia) are confirmed. According to no reliable data, we remove A. anthrisci Bluethgen, 1925 from the fauna of Bohemia and A. curvana Warncke, 1965 from that of Slovakia. Family Colletidae has 45 species in the Czech Republic (37 in Bohemia, 43 in Moravia) and 46 species in Slovakia. Hylaeus kahri Förster, 1871 is new for the Czech Republic (Bohemia), and H. paulus Bridwell, 1919 for Slovakia. Occurrences of H. pectoralis Förster, 1871 and H. annulatus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Bohemia, H. cardioscapus Cockerell, 1924 and H. lineolatus (Schenck, 1861) in Moravia, and H. annulatus in Slovakia are confirmed. Colletes albomaculatus (Lucas, 1849), C. impunctatus Nylander, 1852 and Hylaeus clypearis (Schenck, 1853) are removed from the fauna of Bo- hemia; C. impunctatus, C. punctatus Mocsáry, 1877 and Hylaeus clypearis from the fauna of Moravia; and Colletes impunctatus, Hylaeus alpinus (F. Morawitz, 1867), H. clypearis, H. hungaricus (Alfken, 1905), H. soror (Pérez, 1903) and H. tyrolensis Förster, 1871 from fauna of Slovakia. Altogether 125 species of the family Halictidae occur in the Czech Republic (99 in Bohemia, 123 in Moravia) and 128 in Slovakia. The following species are new for the Czech Republic: Lasioglossum sabulosum (Warncke, 1986) (both Bohemia and Moravia), L. sub- fulvicorne austriacum Ebmer, 1974 (Bohemia), Halictus scabiosae (Rossi, 1790), Lasioglossum crassepunctatum (Bluethgen, 1923), and L. mesosclerum (Pérez, 1903) (Moravia). Lasioglossum convexiusculum (Schenck, 1853), L. intermedium (Schenck, 1870), L. sexmaculatum (Schenck, 1853), and Sphecodes marginatus Hagens, 1882 are new for Bohemia, Lassioglossum mesosclerum, L. parvulum (Schenck, 1853), L. rufitarse (Zetterstedt, 1838), and L. sabulosum are new for Slovakia. Occurrences of Sphecodes majalis Pérez, 1903 and S. spinulosus Hagens, 1875 in the Czech Republic (Moravia) and Halictus patellatus F. Morawitz, 1873 in Slovakia are confirmed. Pseudapis diversipes (Latreille, 1806), Lasioglossum elegans (Lepeletier, 1841), and Sphecodes pinguiculus Pérez, 1903 are removed from the fauna of the Czech Republic (Moravia) because no reliable occurrence data are available.
Key words: Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Anthophila, Apiformes, Melittidae, Megachi- lidae, Apidae, Andrenidae, Colletidae, Halictidae, checklist, new records, Czech Republic, Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia