Chrysidoidea: Chrysididae (zlatěnkovití)

Tyrner Pavel
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae Supplementum 11: 41-63, 2009
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Abstract: This paper presents a checklist of Chrysididae of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So far 98 species are known from the Czech Republic (81 from Bohemia, 91 from Moravia), and 124 species from Slovakia. Chrysis valida Mocsáry, 1912 (Bohemia and Moravia), C. leptomandibularis Niehuis, 2000 (Bohemia and Moravia), C. phryne Abeille de Perrin, 1878 (Moravia), and C. subsinuata Marquet, 1879 (Moravia) are new for the Czech Republic; C. grohmanni Dahlbom, 1854 and C. chrysostigma Mocsáry, 1889 are new for Bohemia; Hedychridium krajniki Balthasar, 1946, Chrysis angustula Schenck, 1856, and C. pseudobrevitarsis Linsenmaier, 1951 are new for Moravia. Cleptes splendens (Fabricius, 1793), Pseudomalus triangulifer Abeille de Perrin, 1877, Hedychridium mediocrum Linsenmaier, 1987, Chrysis cerastes Abeille de Perrin, 1877, C. equestris Dahlbom, 1845, C. leptomandibularis, C. pseudobrevitarsis Linsenmaier, 1951, C. pyrrhina Dahlbom, 1845, C. separata Trautmann, 1926, C. valida, and Chrysura filiformis Mocsáry, 1889 are new for Slovakia. Several problems in synonymy are explained. Trichrysis pumilionis Linsenmaier, 1987 is accepted as a new valid name for Chrysidea pumila (Klug, 1845).
Key words: Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea, Chrysididae, checklist, new records, Czech Republic, Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia