Chrysidoidea: Bethylidae (hbitěnkovití)

Macek Jan, Strejček Jaromír, Straka Jakub
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae Supplementum 11: 21-40, 2009
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Abstract: A checklist of Bethylidae of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is presented: 37 species are known from the Czech Republic (27 from Bohemia, 26 from Moravia), and 29 from Slovakia. Four species are new for the Czech Republic – Bethylus nitidus (C. G. Thomson, 1862) (from Bohemia and Moravia), Parascleroderma nigriceps Kieffer, 1904 (from Moravia), Rhabdepyris fuscipes Kieffer, 1906 (from Bohemia and Moravia), and R. pallidinervis Kieffer, 1906 (from Moravia). Epyris bayeri Hoffer, 1935 is new for Bohemia, Parasclero- derma rugosulum Kieffer, 1906, and Laelius anthrenivorus Trani, 1909 are new for Moravia. Codorcas cursor (Kieffer, 1906), Heterocoelia halidayella (West- wood, 1874), Rhabdepyris fuscipes, and R. pallidinervis are new for Slovakia. The following species were conditionally removed from the fauna of the studied territories until their occurrence is confirmed: Glenosema nigra Kieffer, 1906 from the Czech Republic and Slovakia; Cephalonomia stephanoderis Betrem, 1961, Plastanoxus incompletus Evans, 1965, and Bethylus pilosus Kieffer, 1904 from the Czech Republic; Sclerodermus domesticus Klug, 1809 and Bethylus coniceps (Kieffer, 1904) from Bohemia. The following supposed new synonymy is established: Sclerodermus domesticus Klug, 1809 = S. fonscolombei (Westwood, 1881), syn. nov.
Key words: Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea, Bethylidae, checklist, new synonymy, new records, Czech Republic, Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia