Review of Zeugophorinae of New Guinea, with description of Zeugophorella gen. nov. and new synonyms of Zeugophora (Coleoptera: Megalopodidae

Sekerka Lukáš, Vives Eduard
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 53(2): 747-762, 2013
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Abstract: New Guinean Zeugophorinae are reviewed, figured and keyed. Genera and subgenera proposed for Zeugophorinae are revised and the following new synonymy is proposed: Zeugophora Kunze, 1818 = Pedrillia Westwood, 1864 syn. nov. = Pedrilliomorpha Pic, 1917 syn. nov. = Papuleptura Gressitt, 1959 syn. nov. (from Cerambycidae). Due to the new synonymy Pedrilliomorpha atrosuturalis Pic, 1917 and Papuleptura alticola Gressitt, 1959 are transferred to Zeugophora. A new genus, Zeugophorella gen. nov. (= Pedrilliomorpha sensu MEDVEDEV (1996)), is proposed for elongate New Guinean species with the following species transferred to it: Z. bicolora (Medvedev, 1996) comb. nov., Z. clypealis (Medvedev, 1996) comb. nov., Z. elongata (Gressitt, 1959) comb. nov., Z. gracilicornis (Medvedev, 1996) comb. nov., Z. riedeli (Medvedev, 1996) comb. nov. A new species, Zeugophorella pallescens sp. nov., is described from West Papua (Manokwari prov.). A key and catalogue of all New Guinean species with a faunistic overview is also included.
Key words: Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Megalopodidae, taxonomy, new genus, new species, synonymy, New Guinea
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