Stoneflies (Plecoptera) of the Czech Republic: species checklist, distribution and protection status

Bojková Jindřiška, Soldán Tomáš
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 53(2): 443-484, 2013
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Abstract: A new checklist of Plecoptera of the Czech Republic was prepared based on the compilation of published faunistic data from 1420 sites (143 references) and unpublished data from 775 sites collected during the past 20 years. The history of Plecoptera research in the Czech Republic is briefly summarized. Altogether 95 species are recorded from the Czech Republic (85 species from Bohemia, 81 species from Moravia). In comparison with the previous checklist of Plecoptera, 13 species were added, 8 previously mentioned species were not confirmed, and some misidentifications are discussed. The distribution of species in eight districts based on main river basins, and species frequencies of occurrence and ranges of altitude and stream order of their localities are presented. Evaluation of data on species distribution from the past century enabled re-evaluation of threatened species. The new red list includes 5 regionally extinct, 6 critically endangered, 3 endangered, 10 vulnerable and 12 near threatened species. A special attention is paid to 8 species described from the present territory of the Czech Republic. Their type material, type localities and nomenclature are given and discussed. Nemoura monticola Raušer, 1965, syn. nov., is placed as a junior synonym of Nemoura fusca Kis, 1963.
Key words: Plecoptera, stoneflies, history of research, bibliography, check-list, red list, species distribution, frequency of occurrence, Bohemia, Moravia, Czech Republic
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