Revision of the genus Hesperopenna (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae). I. Generic redescription, definition of species groups and taxonomy of H. medvedevi species group

Bězděk Jan
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 53(2): 715-746, 2013
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Abstract: The genus Hesperopenna Medvedev & Dang, 1981 is redefi ned. The following new synonyms are proposed: Hesperopenna = Liroetiella Kimoto, 1989 syn. nov. = Martinella Medvedev, 2000 syn. nov. = Levnma Özdikmen, 2008 syn. nov.; Hesperopenna flava (Jacoby, 1892) comb. nov. = Calomicrus kimotoi Warchałowski, 1991 syn. nov.; Hesperopenna tibialis (Kimoto, 1989) comb. nov. = Martinella merkli Medvedev, 2000 syn. nov. Agelastica fl ava Jacoby, 1892; Calomicrus bicolor Kimoto, 1989; C. fulvus Kimoto, 1977; C. nigriceps Kimoto, 2004; C. persimilis Kimoto, 1989; Levnma thailandica Medvedev & Romantsov, 2013; L. malayana Medvedev & Romantsov, 2013; Liroetiella antennalis Kimoto, 1989; L. bicolor Kimoto, 1989; L. granulicollis Kimoto, 1989; L. minor Kimoto, 1989; L. nigricollis Kimoto, 1989; L. tibialis Kimoto, 1989; Luperus thailandicus Kimoto, 1989; Martinella vietnamica Medvedev, 2000; Microlepta annulicornis Jacoby, 1896; Microlepta fulvicollis Jacoby, 1896, and Microlepta pallida Jacoby, 1894 are transferred to Hesperopenna and appropriate new combinations established. New names Hesperopenna shinsakui nom. nov. (for Calomicrus bicolor Kimoto, 1989), H. romantsovi nom. nov. (for Levnma thailandica Medvedev & Romantsov, 2013) and H. medvedevi nom. nov. (for H. fl ava Medvedev & Dang, 1981) are proposed. Based on the structure of male genitalia and additional external body characters, six species groups are defined. The Hesperopenna medvedevi species group is taxonomicaly revised. Five new species are described: H. arnoldi sp. nov. (Laos, China: Yunnan), H. bonifaci sp. nov., H. helferi sp. nov. (both Myanmar), H. sipekorum sp. nov. (India: Meghalaya), and H. zofka sp. nov. (Indonesia: Java, Bali). Four species from Malaysia originally described in Liroetiella (L. antennata Mohamedsaid & Kimoto, 1993; L. apicalis Mohamedsaid, 2001; L. sallehnori Mohamedsaid, 1998, and L. warisan Mohamedsaid, 1998) are transferred to Monolepta. Liroetiella englerae Medvedev, 1995 from the Philippines (Leyte Isl.) is also not congeneric with Hesperopenna but the correct generic placement remains unknown.
Key words: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, taxonomy, new species, synonymy, Oriental Region
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