Commented catalogue of Cassidinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, with remarks on the collection of Jaro Mráz in the National Museum in Prague

Sekerka Lukáš
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 60(2): 667-707, 2020
Published online: 26th December 2020
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Abstract: Commented catalogue of Cassidinae species reported from the state of São Paulo, Brazil is given. Altogether, 343 species are presently registered from the state representing the following tribes: Alurnini (5 spp.), Cassidini (84 spp.), Chalepini (85 spp.), Dorynotini (9 spp.), Goniocheniini (8 spp.), Hemisphaerotini (2 spp.), Imatidiini (25 spp.), Ischyrosonychini (6 spp.), Mesomphaliini (83 spp.), Omocerini (14 spp.), Sceloenoplini (9 spp.), and Spilophorini (13 spp.). Fifty-two species are recorded for the first time and 19 are removed from the fauna of São Paulo. Each species is provided with a summary of published faunistic records for São Paulo and its general distribution. Dubious or insufficient records are critically commented. A list of Cassidinae species collected in São Paulo by Jaro Mráz (altogether 145 identified species) is included and supplemented with general information on this material. In addition, two new synonymies are established: Cephaloleia caeruleata Baly, 1875 = C. dilatata Uhmann, 1948, syn. nov.; Stolas lineaticollis (Boheman, 1850) = S. silaceipennis (Boheman, 1862), syn. nov.; and the publication year of the genus Heptatomispa Uhmann, 1940 is corrected to 1932. The following 54 species are recorded from São Paulo for the first time: Agroiconota tristriata (Fabricius, 1792), Charidotella (Philaspis) polita (Klug, 1829), Charidotis admirabilis Boheman, 1855, C. auroguttata Boheman, 1855, C. circumscripta Boheman, 1855, C. concentrica (Boheman, 1855), C. consentanea (Boheman, 1855), C. gemellata Boheman, 1855, Coptocycla (s. str.) stigma (Germar, 1823), Coptocycla (Coptocyclella) adamantina (Germar, 1823), Eremionycha bahiana (Boheman, 1855), Helocassis flavorugosa (Boheman, 1855), Helocassis flavorugosa (Boheman, 1855), Microctenochira patruelis (Boheman, 1855), Plagiometriona deyrollei (Boheman, 1855), P. punctatissima (Boheman, 1855), P. tenella (Klug, 1829), Baliosus conspersus Weise, 1911, Chalepus aenescens Weise, 1910, Decatelia pallipes (Weise, 1922), Octhispa gemmata (Germar, 1823), Octhispa robinsonii (Baly, 1864), Octotoma brasiliensis Weise, 1921, Octotoma crassicornis Weise, 1910, Oxychalepus centralis Uhmann, 1940, Temnochalepus imitans Uhmann, 1935, Uroplata coarctata Weise, 1921, Uroplata minuscula (Chapuis, 1877), Calliapis umbonata Hincks, 1956, Cephaloleia caeruleata Baly, 1875, C. flavovittata Baly, 1859, C. trilineata Uhmann, 1942, C. zikani Uhmann, 1935, Stenispa vespertina Baly, 1877, S. viridis (Pic, 1931), Xenispa bicolorata (Uhmann, 1948), Anacassis candida (Boheman, 1854), Chelymorpha commutabilis Boheman, 1854, C. constellata (Klug, 1829), Cyrtonota vulnerata (Boheman, 1850), Hilarocassis evanida (Boheman, 1850), Mesomphalia gibbosa (Fabricius, 1781), Nebraspis corticina (Boheman, 1850), Sceloenopla rectelineata (Pic, 1929), Stolas acuta (Boheman, 1850), S. aenea (Olivier, 1790), S. sexsignata (Boheman, 1850), S. sommeri (Boheman, 1850), S. subreticulata (Boheman, 1850), Omocerus (Platytauroma) cornutus (Boheman, 1850), Calyptocephala nigricornis (Germar, 1823), Oediopalpa brunnea (Uhmann, 1943), O. caerulescens (Baly, 1875), and O. fulvipes Baly, 1859.
Key words: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Cassidinae, catalogue, new synonymy, Jaro Mráz, São Paulo, Brazil, Neotropical Region
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