Taxonomy, annotated new records and a checklist of Mymaridae (Hymenoptera) of Finland, with description of a new species of Eustochus

Triapitsyn Serguei V., Koponen Martti, Vikberg Veli, Várkonyi Gergely
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 60(2): 565-589, 2020
Published online: 6th November 2020
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Abstract: A taxonomic account and an annotated checklist of the Finnish Mymaridae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) are given, comprising 85 named species in 19 genera. Among them 2 genera, Dicopus Enock, 1909 and Stethynium Enock, 1909, 1 subgenus, Anagrus (Paranagrus Perkins, 1905), and the following 25 species represent new records for Finland: Anagrus (Anagrus) avalae Soyka, 1956, A. (Anagrus) bakkendorfi Soyka, 1946, A. (Anagrus) ensifer Debauche, 1948, A. (Anagrus) nigriceps (Smits van Burgst, 1914), A. (Anagrus) obscurus Förster, 1861, A. (Anagrus) parvus Soyka, 1956, A. (Anagrus) subfuscus Foerster, 1847, A. (Paranagrus) optabilis (Perkins, 1905), Anaphes (Anaphes) stygius Debauche, 1948, Camptoptera magna Soyka, 1946, Cleruchus megatrichus Novicky, 1965, C. taktochno Triapitsyn, 2014, Cosmocomoidea oxypygus (Foerster, 1856), C. tremulae (Bakkendorf, 1934), Dicopus minutissimus Enock, 1909, D. moscovit Triapitsyn, 2015, Gonatocerus aegyptiacus Soyka, 1950, Lymaenon aureus (Girault, 1911), L. longior (Soyka, 1946), Polynema flavipes Walker, 1846, P. fuscipes Haliday, 1833, P. pusilloides Debauche, 1948, P. valkenburgense Soyka, 1931, P. vitripenne (Foerster, 1847), and Stethynium triclavatum Enock, 1909. New distributional records and taxonomic notes on some genera and species are also provided. Caraphractus Walker, 1846, syn. nov. is synonymized with Eustochus Haliday, 1833 and treated as its subgenus, E. (Caraphractus), stat. revid., and its type species Caraphractus cinctus Walker, 1846 is transferred to Eustochus as Eustochus (Caraphractus) cinctus (Walker, 1846), comb. nov. Eustochus (Eustochus) koponeni Triapitsyn, sp. nov. is described from Finland and Germany. Lymaenon gracilentus (Hellén, 1974), stat. restit. is resurrected as a valid species from the previous synonymy with Lymaenon aureus and redescribed. The previously unknown male of Alaptus schmitzi Soyka, 1939 is described. Polynema depressicollis Hellén, 1974, syn. nov., is synonymized with Polynema (Doriclytus) vitripenne. Anagrus (Paranagrus) optabilis is newly recorded from the Canary Islands and Madeira, and Cleruchus megatrichus is for the first time reported from France.
Key words: Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Mymaridae, fairyfly, taxonomy, synonymy, egg parasitoid, biodiversity, checklist, Finland, Palaearctic Region
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