Three new species of bristletails of the families Meinertellidae and Machilidae (Archaeognatha) from Ukraine and Southern Russia

Kaplin Vladimir, Martynov Vladimir
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 60(2): 463-474, 2020
Published online: 5th August 2020
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Abstract: Two new species of Machilinus Silvestri, 1905 (M. petrophilus Kaplin, sp. nov., M. obscurus Kaplin, sp. nov.) from Ukraine and one new species of Charimachilis Wygodzinsky, 1939 (C. rostoviensis Kaplin sp. nov.) from Southern Russia are described. The new species of Machilinus belong to the subgenus Machilinus s. str. with 1 + 1 eversible vesicles on urocoxites II–VII, and urostyli with apical spines; to the group “rupestris” with 2nd and 3rd articles of male maxillary palpus without ventral spines (M. obscurus sp. nov.), and with spines on these articles (M. petrophilus sp. nov.). Machilinus petrophilus sp. nov. differs from M. rocai Bach, 1975 in the color and ratio of length to width of compound eyes, the presence of numerous short chaetae on the clypeus, the structure of the lateral apophysis on the 2nd article of the male maxillary palpus, and the number of ventral spines on the legs. Machilinus obscurus sp. nov. differs from the other species of the group “rupestris” in the color of compound eyes, the presence of numerous short chaetae on the male frons and clypeus, and in other features. Charimachilis rostoviensis sp. nov. (Machilidae) most closely resembles C. ukrainensis Stach, 1958. Charimachilis rostoviensis sp. nov. differs from C. ukrainensis in the shape of posterior angle of urosternites, and ratios of lengths of urostyli and urocoxites.
Key words: Archaeognatha, Microcoryphia, Meinertellidae, Machilidae, Machilinus, Charimachilis, new species, taxonomy, Russia, Ukraine, Palaearctic Region