New species of bristletails of the genus Lepismachilis (Archaeognatha: Machilidae) from Serbia and Montenegro

Kaplin Vladimir
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 58(2): 577-587, 2018
Published online: 14th December 2018
Published in print: 31st December 2018
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Abstract: The fauna of bristletails of the genus Lepismachilis Verhoeff, 1910 in Montenegro and Serbia includes only one species L. (Berlesilis) targionii (Grassi, 1887) with 2 + 2 eversible vesicles on abdominal urocoxites II–VI. Three new species of this genus are described: L. (Lepismachilis) prijepolja sp. nov., L. (Lepismachilis) limensa sp. nov. from Serbia, and L. (Lepismachilis) alexandrae sp. nov. from Montenegro. All described new species belong to the species group of the subgenus Lepismachilis s. str. with 2 + 2 eversible vesicles on abdominal urocoxites II–V. Lepismachilis prijepolja sp. nov. differs from L. y-signata Kratochvíl, 1945 and L. notata Stach, 1919 by the color, drawings and ratios of the compound eyes; ratios of sensory field on fore femur of male, number of divisions of ovipositor. Lepismachilis limensa sp. nov. differs from L. hauseri Bitsch, 1974 and L. abchasica Kaplin, 2017 by ratios of paired ocelli, sensory field on fore femur of male; ratios and chaetotaxy of maxillary and labial palps. Lepismachilis alexandrae sp. nov. differs from L. abchasica by the drawings of the compound eyes; ratios of paired ocelli, sensory field on fore femur of male; number of divisions of the parameres and gonapophyses. A list of the Machilidae occurring in Balkan Peninsula is also provided.
Key words: Archaeognatha, Machilidae, Lepismachilis, new species, taxonomy, Balkan Peninsula, Palaearctic Region
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