Review of the genus Dermestocyphon (Coleoptera: Scirtidae: Scirtinae)

Ruta Rafal, Yoshitomi Hiroyuki, Klausnitzer Bernhard
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 53(1): 253-285, 2013
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Abstract: Dermestocyphon Pic, 1918 is elevated to generic rank on the basis of adult morphological characters. Oreocyphon Klausnitzer, 2009 is regarded as a subgenus of Dermestocyphon. A new subgenus, Himacyphon subgen. nov., is described to include Dermestocyphon optatus (Klausnitzer, 1980). The following new combinations are proposed: Dermestocyphon anticetestaceus (Klausnitzer, 1976) comb. nov. for Prionocyphon anticetestaceus, Dermestocyphon drianti (Pic, 1918) comb. nov. for Cyphon drianti, Dermestocyphon honorus (Klausnitzer, 1980) comb. nov. for Cyphon honorus, Dermestocyphon optatus (Klausnitzer, 1980) comb. nov. for Cyphon optatus, and Dermestocyphon umbratilis (Klausnitzer, 1976) comb. nov. for Prionocyphon umbratilis. The type species of the genus, Dermestocyphon drianti (Pic, 1918) is redescribed, and five new species, Dermestocyphon apiciconcavus sp. nov. (Vietnam), D. brancuccii sp. nov. (Vietnam), D. niisatoi sp. nov. (Laos), D. suturalis sp. nov. (Laos, Myanmar, Thailand), and D. thailandicus sp. nov. (Thailand) are described. The previously unknown females of Dermestocyphon drianti, D. honorus, D. umbratilis, D. optatus, and a species related to D. optatus are described and new localities of these species are reported. A key to the species of Dermestocyphon is given. Cyphon (Dermestocyphon) beattyi Pic, 1918 is excluded from Dermestocyphon and tentatively retained in Cyphon Paykull, 1799.
Key words: Coleoptera, Scirtidae, Cyphon, Dermestocyphon, Oreocyphon, Himacyphon subgen. nov., new subgenus, new species, new combination, Indochina, Himalaya, Oriental Region
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