A new species of the genus Trichomyia (Diptera: Psychodidae) and new faunistic data on non-phlebotomine moth flies from the Podyjí NP and its surroundings (Czech Republic)

Omelková Markéta, Ježek Jan
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 52(2): 505-533, 2012
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Abstract: Trichomyia hardeggensis sp. nov. (Psychodidae: Trichomyinae) is described on the basis of male morphological characters of a specimen collected in the Podyjí National Park in the Czech Republic. New faunistic data from this park, collected in 63 localities in 1995–2003, are presented. Altogether 75 species of 32 genera are known to occur in the Podyjí National Park. Ten of these species were classified in the national Red List of threatened invertebrates – six species are critically endangered (Trichomyia urbica Haliday, 1839, Promormia silesiensis Ježek, 1983, Jungiella laminata (Szabó, 1960), Parajungiella ellisi (Withers, 1987), P. pseudolongicornis (Wagner, 1975) and Psycmera integella (Jung, 1956)) and four species are endangered (Promormia eatoni (Tonnoir, 1940), Threticus incurvus Krek, 1972, Pneumia crispi (Freeman, 1953) and Tonnoiriella sieberti Wagner, 1993).
Key words: Diptera, Psychodidae, Trichomyinae, Sycoracinae, Psychodinae, taxonomy, new species, faunistics, Moravia, Czech Republic, Palaearctic Region
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