A new species of Eulichas (Coleoptera: Eulichadidae) from Laos

Hájek Jiří
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 67-72, 2008
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Abstract: Eulichas pantherina sp. nov. from Laos is described, illustrated and compared with related species. The new species belongs to the E. pacholatkoi species complex of the E. funebris species group, and can be distinguished by the different shape of male genitalia. Eulichas pantherina sp. nov. has a lanceolate median lobe and parameres with a very small subapical hook moved to the mid- length of the paramere. New distributional data are published for the following species: Eulichas haucki Hájek, 2007, and E. pacholatkoi Jäch, 1995, from Laos, and E. kubani Hájek, 2007, from Thailand.
Key words: Coleoptera, Eulichadidae, Eulichas, new species, new records, Oriental region, Laos, Thailand