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Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae

Volume 48 - Number 1
published on: 15th August 2008
Linnavuori Rauno E.Studies on the Acanthosomatidae, Scutelleridae and Pentatomidae (Heteroptera) of Gilan and the adjacent provinces in northern IranActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 1-21
Abstract: A list of the Acanthosomatidae (3 species), Scutelleridae (13 species) and Pentatomidae (76 species) from the Iranian province of Gilan and adjacent provinces is published. The following eight species are recorded from Iran for the first time: Cyphostethus tristriatus (Fabricius, 1787), Arma custos (Fabricius, 1794), Alloeoglypta pretiosa Kiritshenko, 1952, Sciocoris cursitans cursitans (Fabricius, 1794), Sciocoris macrocephalus Fieber, 1851, Ventocoris (Selenodera) bulbifer Seidenstücker, 1964, Podops (Opocrates) annulicornis Jakovlev, 1877, and Tarisa virescens Herrich-Schaeffer, 1851.
Gnezdilov Vladimir M., Malenovský IgorNew synonymy and homonymy replacement for Conosimus caucasicus Melichar, 1914 (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 23-26
Abstract: Based upon the study of the type specimens, Conosimus goricus Dlabo- la, 1958 is placed in synonymy under Conosimus caucasicus Melichar, 1914. Mycterodus (Aconosimus) caucasicus (Melichar, 1914) comb. nov. is rejected as a junior secondary homonym of Mycterodus (Comporodus) caucasicus (Melichar, 1906) (originally described in Issus Fabricius, 1803) and Mycterodus (Aconosimus) goricus (Dlabola, 1958) is proposed as the valid replacement name. The lectotype is designated for Conosimus caucasicus Melichar, 1914. The corrected authorship of the genus-group name is Aconosimus Dlabola, 1987.
Fikáček MartinA new species of the genus Cyrtonion (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae: Megasternini) from the Democratic Republic of the CongoActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 27-35
Abstract: Cyrtonion moto sp. nov. is described from northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The species is compared with the remaining two representatives of the genus, C. ghanense Hansen, 1989 and C. sculpticolle (Régimbart, 1907). Distributions of all three species of the genus Cyrtonion Han- sen, 1989 are mapped and discussed.
Hromádka LubomírRevision of Afrotropical species of the Philonthus abyssinus species group (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Philonthina)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 37-50
Abstract: The Philonthus abyssinus species group of the genus Philonthus Stephens, 1829, is proposed, containing six species. Two species are described as new: Philonthus brendelli sp. nov. (Central African Republic) and P. varanus sp. nov. (Kenya); four species are redescribed: P. abyssinus, Fauvel, 1880, P. elgo- nensis Tottenham, 1940, P. pseudoabyssinus Tottenham, 1940, and P. tottenhami Last, 1953. All species of the P. abyssinus species group are keyed; the aedeagi and relevant morphological characters of all species are figured.
Hromádka LubomírRevision of Afrotropical species of the Philonthus peripateticus species group (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Philonthina)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 51-65
Abstract: The Philonthus peripateticus species group (i.e., subgenus Raucalius sensu Tottenham, 1949) of the genus Philonthus Stephens, 1829 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) comprising seven species and one subspecies, is revised. Two new species are described: Philonthus colius sp. nov. and P. dendroaspis sp. nov. (both from Zambia); five species and one subspecies are redescribed: P. katan- gaensis Levasseur, 1967, P. lamtoensis lamtoensis Levasseur, 1967, P. lamtoen- sis shamnesis Hromádka, 2005, P. madianus Bernhauer, 1936, P. peripateticus Tottenham, 1949, and P. rugulipennis Tottenham, 1949. The male genitalia of all species are illustrated. A key to species of the Philonthus peripateticus species group is provided.
Hájek JiříA new species of Eulichas (Coleoptera: Eulichadidae) from LaosActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 67-72
Abstract: Eulichas pantherina sp. nov. from Laos is described, illustrated and compared with related species. The new species belongs to the E. pacholatkoi species complex of the E. funebris species group, and can be distinguished by the different shape of male genitalia. Eulichas pantherina sp. nov. has a lanceolate median lobe and parameres with a very small subapical hook moved to the mid- length of the paramere. New distributional data are published for the following species: Eulichas haucki Hájek, 2007, and E. pacholatkoi Jäch, 1995, from Laos, and E. kubani Hájek, 2007, from Thailand.
Novák VladimírMycetocharina (Alleculopsis) bahukalatensis sp. nov. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Alleculinae) from IranActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 73-78
Abstract: Mycetocharina (Alleculopsis) bahukalatensis sp. nov. from Iran is described and illustrated, and a key to the species of the subgenus Alleculopsis Semenov, 1893, is added.
Bezděk JanNew species and subspecies of Nymphius (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae) from Iran and TurkeyActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 79-93
Abstract: Nymphius gianassoi sp. nov. from Iran and N. stylifer kadleci ssp. nov. from Turkey are described, illustrated, and compared with related taxa. The study is completed with a literature review and drawings of male terminal abdominal segments and aedeagi of all known species of Nymphius Weise, 1900.
Sekerka LukášReview of the genus Macromonycha (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 95-102
Abstract: The genus Macromonycha Spaeth, 1911, currently including three spe- cies, is reviewed based on the study of type material. In addition, M. kantnerorum sp. nov. is described from Jordan and Turkey. The lectotype of Cassida suberosa Weise, 1889, is designated. Detailed distributional data are given for M. apicalis, which is recorded for the first time from Iran and Syria. All known species of the genus are keyed and figured.
Šifner FrantišekThree new species of the family Scathophagidae (Diptera) from the Palaearctic region with a redescription of the male of Amaurosoma longicorneActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 103-109
Abstract: Amaurosoma bernasconii sp. nov., Norellisoma vonickai sp. nov. from the Czech Republic and Microprosopa ozerovi sp. nov. from Slovakia are described. The male of Amaurosoma longicorne (von Roser, 1840) from the Czech Republic is redescribed. Differential diagnoses of all mentioned species are given and important diagnostic characters are figured.
Šifner FrantišekA catalogue of the Scathophagidae (Diptera) of the Palaearctic region, with notes on their taxonomy and faunisticsActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 111-196
Abstract: A catalogue of the species of the family Scathophagidae of the Palae- arctic region is given, including notes on their taxonomy, distribution data, and new faunistic records. Exact data on old localities of some species, including the current local names, are provided. The catalogue contains 37 genera and 220 valid species, 193 synonyms (including 25 new ones), and 12 doubtful species. The following new combinations are proposed: Amaurosoma truncatum (Fan, 1976), comb. nov., and Amaurosoma indotatum (Engelmark, 1999), comb. nov., from the genus Nanna Becker, 1894; Gimnomera alanica (Ozerov, 1999), comb. nov., Gimnomera tukuringa (Ozerov, 1999), comb. nov., Gimnomerra sibirica (Engelmark, 1999), comb. nov., and Gimnomera novgorodovae (Ozerov, 2006), comb. nov., from Cochliarium Becker, 1894; Norellisoma longiabdominum (Sun, 1992), comb. nov., Norellisoma triangulum (Sun, 1992), comb. nov., Norellisoma caucasicum (Ozerov, 1993), comb. nov., Norellisoma insulare (Ozerov, 1993), comb. nov., Norellisoma montanopratense (Ozerov, 1993), comb. nov., and Norel- lisoma orientale (Ozerov, 1993), comb. nov., from Norellia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830; Phrosia remmi (Elberg, 1972), comb. nov., from Cordilura Fallén, 1810. The following new synonyms are established: Acerocnema macrocera (Meigen, 1826) = Acerocnema obscuripes Becker, 1915, syn. nov.; Amaurosoma armil- latum (Zetterstedt,1846) = Amaurosoma mensuratum Becker, 1894, syn. nov; Amaurosoma flavipes (Fallén, 1819) = Cordylura nigriventris Loew, 1864, syn. nov.; Amaurosoma tibiellum (Zetterstedt, 1838) = Amaurosoma nutans Becker, 1894, syn. nov.; Americina vittata (Meigen, 1826) = Cordylura unicolor Loew, 1864, syn. nov.; Ceratinostoma ostiorum (Curtis, 1823) = Ceratinostoma nudiseta Becker, 1907, syn. nov.; Cordylura pubera auct. nec Linnaeus, 1758 = Mosina dejeani Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, syn. nov. = Mosina latreillei Robineau-Des- voidy, 1830, syn. nov.; Delina nigrita (Fallén, 1819) = Cordylura erythrocephala Meigen, 1838, syn. nov. = Chirosia cepelaki Teschner, 1978, syn. nov.; Paral- lelomma albipes (Fallén, 1819) = Mosina fulva Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, syn. nov.; Phrosia albilabris (Fabricius, 1805) = Cordylura albofasciata Gimmerthal, 1846: 104, syn. nov.; Scathophaga furcata (Say, 1823) = Scatina claripennis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, syn. nov. = Scatophaga limbata von Roser, 1840, syn. nov. = Scathophagella pubescens Szilády, 1926, syn. nov.; Scathophaga inquinata (Meigen, 1826) = Cordylura analis Meigen, 1826: 244, syn. nov. = Scatophaga analis Meigen, 1826: 251, syn. nov. = Scatophaga umbrarum Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, syn. nov.; Scathophaga litorea (Fallén, 1819) = Scatophaga bipunctata Macquart, 1835, syn. nov. = Scatophaga hyperborea Boheman, 1866, syn. nov. = Scatomyza janmajeni Séguy, 1938, syn. nov. = Scatophaga nigricornis Rob- ineau-Desvoidy, 1830, syn. nov. = Scathophaga tesselata Macquart, 1838, syn. nov.; Scathophaga lutaria (Fabricius, 1794) = Scatophaga pallipes Szilády, 1926, syn. nov.; Scathophaga stercoraria (Linnaeus, 1758) = Scatomyza erythrostoma Holmgren, 1883, syn. nov. = Scatophaga soror Wiedemann, 1818, syn. nov.; and Scoliaphleps ustulata (Zetterstedt, 1838) = Scoliaphleps hyalinipennis Ringdahl, 1936, syn. nov. The following new records are published: Acerocnema macrocera (Meigen, 1826) (Italy); Amaurosoma puberulum Becker, 1894 (European Russia); Cleigastra apicalis (Meigen, 1826) (Croatia); Coniosternum fluviale (Rondani, 1867) (Austria, Turkmenistan); Coniosternum mihalyii Šifner, 1975 (Iraq); Co- niostenum obscurum (Fallén, 1819) (Albania, Poland); Cordilura pubera auct. nec Linnaeus, 1758 (Belgium); Cordilura umbrosa (Loew, 1873) (Romania); Delina anthrax (Schiner, 1864) (Bulgaria, Spain); Megaphthalma pallida (Fallén, 1819) (Romania); Megaphthalmoides unilineatus (Zetterstedt, 1838) (Germany); Microprosopa hoberlandti Šifner, 1981 (Hungary); Microprosopa pallidicauda (Zetterstedt, 1838) (Romania); Parallelomma albipes (Fallén, 1819) (Bulgaria); Parallelomma fuscipes (Zetterstedt, 1838) (Austria, Switzerland); Phrosia albi- labris (Fabricius, 1805) (Azerbaijan, Italy, Serbia); Pogonota barbata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Russia – Far East); Spaziphora hydromyzina (Fallén, 1819) (Romania); Spathephilus breviventris (Loew, 1873) (Austria); Scathophaga cineraria (Meigen, 1826) (Albania, Canary Islands, Croatia, Madeira, Romania, Spain); Scathophaga inquinata (Meigen, 1826) (Portugal, Slovenia); Scathophaga lutaria (Fabricius, 1794) (Israel, European Russia, Slovenia, Turkey); Scathophaga stercoraria (Linnaeus, 1758) (Tunisia); and Scathophaga suilla (Fabricius, 1794) (Romania). The following species are regarded as nomina dubia: Musca tipularia Fabricius, 1794; Cordylura varia Meigen, 1826; Chione ichneumonea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830; Cordylura flava Wiedemann, 1830; Mosina connexa Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830; Scatophaga ochrocephala Brullé, 1832; Cleigastra bicolor Macquart, 1835; Cordylura fuscipennis Gimmerthal, 1846; Cordylura aricina Zetterstedt, 1846; Cordylura aricoides Zetterstedt, 1855; Cordylura nigripila Zetterstedt, 1860; and Cleigastra nitida van der Wulp, 1871.
D´Urso Vera, Marchese Giovanni, Nel JacquesA survey of Pterophoridae (Lepidoptera) of North-Eastern Sicily with new distributional recordsActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(1): 197-208
Abstract: A survey of north-eastern Sicilian biotopes allowed us to increase the number of the Pterophoridae known on the island to a total of 59 species. The genus Adaina Tutt, 1905, and seven species, Adaina microdactyla (Hübner, 1813), Wheeleria spilodactyla (Curtis, 1827), Capperia celeusi (Frey, 1866), Capperia fusca (Hofmann, 1898), Stenoptilia grisescens Schawerda, 1933, Stenoptilia mariaeluisae Bigot & Picard, 2002, and Stenoptilia pelidnodactyla (Stein, 1837), are new for Sicily, and basic ecological data are given for these species. Some old records are confirmed and notes and comments on others are given.