Revision of the Central European species of Aclista (Diapriidae, Hymenoptera). Part II. Aclista insolita Nixon, 1957 Aclista dubia Kieffer, 1909 and similar species

Macek Jan
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 183-197, 2005
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Abstract: The Central European species Aclista insolita Nixon, 1957, Aclista dubia Kieffer, 1909, Aclista marginalis Kieffer, 1909 and Aclista longistilus Kieffer, 1909 are revised and diagnosed and three new species are described: Aclista vernalis sp. nov. (Czech Republic,Slovakia), Aclista elegantula sp. nov. (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria) and Aclista subtilis sp. nov. (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland). The following new synonymies are proposed: Aclista longistilus (Kieffer, 1909) = Xenotoma brachycera Kieffer, 1910, syn. nov.; Aclista marginalis (Kieffer, 1909) = Aclista mycale Nixon, 1957, syn. nov.
Key words: Taxonomy, Hymenoptera, Diapriidae, Aclista, types, new species, synonymy, Central Europe