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Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae

Volume 45
published on: 31st December 2005
Jelínek JosefIn memoriam Dr. Ludvík Hoberlandt (1918-2005)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 1-2Kment Petr, Jindra ZdeněkNew and interesting records of true bugs (Heteroptera) from Turkey, southeastern Europe, Near and Middle EastActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 3-16
Abstract: The following new records are given: Hebrus pilipes Kanyukova, 1997, Microvelia reticulata (Burmeister, 1835), Stephanitis oschanini Vasiliev, 1935, Gonocerus imitator Reuter, 1891, Canthophorus wagneri Asanova, 1964, Carenoplistus acutus (Signoret, 1880), and Palomena mursili Linnavuori, 1984 from Turkey (Asian part), S. oschanini from Afghanistan, Hebrus montanus Kolenati, 1857 from Bosnia Hercegovina and Serbia, and Coranus aegyptius (Fabricius, 1775) from Iraq and Syria. The occurrence of H. montanus in Bulgaria and Turkey, Mesovelia furcata Mulsant et Rey, 1852 in the Asian part of Turkey, Stephanitis pyri (Fabricius, 1775) in Bosnia Hercegovina and the European part of Turkey, and Sehirus ovatus (Herrich-Schäffer, 1839) in Armenia are confirmed. In addition, several records from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Israel (Palestine), Italy, Romania, and Ukraine are added.
Kment Petr, Šrámek PetrFirst record of the family Velocipedidae (Heteroptera: Cimicomorpha) from NepalActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 17-18
Abstract: Scotomedes alienus sikkimensis van Doesburg, 2004 was found in the Annapurna Himal region of Nepal. This is the first record of the family Velocipedidae from Nepal, and the westernmost locality of the family so far.
Kment PetrA new synonym of Phyllomorpha laciniata (Villers, 1789) (Heteroptera: Coreidae)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 19-20
Abstract: The following new synonymy is established: Phyllomorpha laciniata montandon Zange, 2005 syn. nov. = Phyllomorpha laciniata (Villers, 1789). Moreover, Phyllomorpha laciniata laciniata sensu ZANGE (2005) is a misidentification of Ph. lacerata Herrich-Schaeffer, 1835.
Kment PetrRevision of Mahea Distant, 1909, with review of the Acanthosomatidae (Insecta: Heteroptera) of Madagascar and SeychellesActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 21-50
Abstract: The genus Mahea Distant, 1909 (Heteroptera: Pentatomoidea: Acanthosomatidae: Acanthosomatinae) is revised. Muschalea Cachan, 1952, is corroborated as a junior synonym of Mahea. Five species are recognized: Mahea sexualis Distant, 1909, (Seychelles) and M. andriai (Cachan, 1952) (Madagascar) are redescribed based on examination of the type specimens; three additional species – Mahea distanti sp. nov., M. durrelli sp. nov., and M. parvula sp. nov. from Madagascar – are described. The lectotypes of M. sexualis and Noualhieridia rufa Cachan, 1952, are designated. A key to the known acanthosomatid species of Madagascar and Seychelles is given. Possible phylogenetic relationships among the genera Mahea, Catadipson Breddin, 1903, Ibocoris Roche, 1948, and Uhlunga Distant, 1892, are briefly discussed.
Hájek Jiří, Šťastný JaroslavTwo new species of Laccophilus Leach, 1815 (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) from India and Borneo with notes on other species of the genusActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 51-58
Abstract: Laccophilus boukali sp. nov. (L. chinensis-group) from Karnataka, India, and L. uncletan (L. siamensis-group) from Sabah, Malaysia are described, illustrated and compared with related species. New distributional data are published for the following species: L. chinensis Boheman, 1858 from Cambodia and Malaysia; L. chini Balke, Mazzoldi & Hendrich, 1998 from Laos; L. flexuosus Aubé, 1838 from Laos; L. punctatissimus Brancucci, 1983 from Myanmar; L. ritsemae Régimbart, 1880 from Lombok; L. t. transversalis Régimbart, 1877 from Sulawesi; L. t. leptogonus Brancucci, 1983 from Laos, Thailand and Malaysia; and L. t. lituratus Sharp, 1882 from Sumatra.
Fikáček Martin, Hebauer FranzA new aberrant species of the genus Pacrillum from Nepal (Hydrophilidae: Sphaeridiinae: Megasternini)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 59-64
Abstract: Pacrillum cycrilloideum sp. nov. from the Nepalese Himalaya is described as an aberrant species superficially resembling the representatives of the Neotropical genus Cycrillum Knisch, 1921 in some external characters. The generic placement within the genus Pacrillum Orchymont, 1941 is discussed in detail.
Bílý SvatoplukTwo new species of Anthaxia from Yemen (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 65-70
Abstract: Two new species of the genus Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829 from Yemen are described, illustrated and compared with their relatives: Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) crotonivora sp. nov. from the Island of Soqotra and A. (Haplanthaxia) kabateki sp. nov. from Central Yemen.
Švihla VladimírNew taxa of the subfamily Cantharinae (Coleoptera: Cantharidae) from southeastern Asia with notes on other species IIActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 71-110
Abstract: The following new taxa are described and illustrated: Rhagonycha bimucronata sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), Micropodabrus semifumatoides sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. fissiformis sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. kopetzi sp. nov. (Thailand), M. kantnerorum sp. nov. (Laos), M. jendeki sp. nov. (Laos), M. laosensis sp. nov. (Laos), M. kresli sp. nov. (Laos), Mimopodabrus rectiangulatus sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. reductus sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. eduardi sp. nov. (Laos), Themus (s. str.) milosi sp. nov. (China: Xizang), T. (Haplothemus) bezdeki sp. nov. (Laos), Cantharis (s. str.) dedicata sp. nov. (Laos), Athemus (Athemellus) bimaculicollis (China: Shaanxi), A. (Andrathemus) similis sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), A. (Andrathemus) rolciki indosinicus ssp. nov. (Thailand, Laos, China: Yunnan), Lycocerus jendeki sp. nov. (Laos), Stenothemus subnitidus sp. nov. (India: Assam), S. holosericus sp. nov. (India: Assam), S. orbiculatus sp. nov. (India: Manipur), S. wardi sp. nov. (Myanmar), S. sepiaceus sp. nov. (China: Yunnan), S. melleus sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), Leiothorax atrosanguineus sp. nov. (China: Shaanxi), Habronychus (s. str.) kantnerorum sp. nov. (Laos), Prothemus kantnerorum sp. nov. (Laos) and P. kopetzi sp. nov. (China: Guizhou). New status is given to Athemus (Andrathemus) subincisus Wittmer, 1995 stat. nov.; Athemus longipilis Wittmer, 1995 is transferred from the subgenus Andrathemus Wittmer, 1978 to the subgenus Isathemus Wittmer, 1995. Key to the Stenothemus harmandi (Bourgeois, 1902) species group is provided and new taxonomic data and/or illustrations are given for Themus (Haplothemus) hackeli Švihla, 2004, Lycocerus kejvali Švihla, 2004, Stenothemus andrewesi (Bourgeois, 1907), S. favrei (Pic, 1907), S. harmandi (Bourgeois, 1902), S. bezdeki Švihla, 2004, and Habronychus (s. str.) lineaticeps (Pic, 1914).
Audisio Paolo, Jelínek Josef, Cooter JonathanNew and little-known species of Meligethes Stephens, 1830 from China (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 111-127
Abstract: The genus Meligethes Stephens, 1830 (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae, Meligethinae) comprises several anthophagous species attacking a wide range of wild and cultivated flowering plants. We describe four new species from China (Meligethes chlorocupreus sp. nov., M. difficiloides sp. nov., and M. abditus sp. nov., members of the M. difficilis-group; M. bocaki sp. nov., a member of the M. planiusculus-group), and provide distributional or ecological data on other Chinese species Meligethes sp. cf. praetermissus Easton, 1957 and M. kasparyani Kirejtshuk, 1984. An updated provisional check-list of Chinese Meligethes of about 60 species is presented.
Kovář IvoRevision of the Palaearctic species of the Coccinella transversoguttata species group with notes on some other species of the genus (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 129-164
Abstract: Palaearctic species belonging to the Coccinella transversoguttata species group are revised and redescribed: C. transverosguttata transversoguttata Faldermann, 1835, C. magnopunctata Rybakow, 1889, and C. marussii Kapur, 1973. Coccinella marussii sensu FÜRSCH (1981) from Turkey is recognized as a new species – C. hodeki sp. nov. Notes on some other Palaearctic species of Coccinella Linnaeus, 1758 are given with respect to the prepared new ‘Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera’. Coccinella tibetina Kapur, 1963 is regarded as a valid species, not a synonym of C. saucerottii Mulsant, 1850. Neococcinella Savoyskaya, 1969 is synonymized with Spilota Billberg, 1820 and Spilota is confirmed as a valid subgenus including three species: Coccinella alpigrada (Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1957), C. miranda Wollaston, 1864 and C. undecimpunctata Linnaeus, 1758. The name C. venusta (Weise, 1979) is removed from the synonymy with C. adalioides Capra, 1944. Coccinella iranica Dobrzhanskiy, 1926 and C. alpigrada are new for Turkey.
Bezděk JanRevisional study on African Apophylia (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae). Part 4Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 165-182
Abstract: This study of African Apophylia Thomson, 1858 revises the species related to A. nobilitata Gerstaecker, 1871 and A. vernallis (Allard, 1889). Apophylia cervenkai sp. nov. (from Ethiopia, Oman and Yemen), A. neavei sp. nov. (from Malawi and South Africa), A. oborili sp. nov. (from Malawi), A. snizeki sp. nov. (from Kenya), A. mila sp. nov. (from Tanzania) and A. kaffa sp. nov. (from Ethiopia) are described. The lectotype is designated for Apophylia mauritanica Pic, 1944. The following new synonym is proposed: A. vernallis (Allard, 1889) = A. mauritanica Pic, 1944, syn. nov. Male genitalia of all species are illustrated.
Macek JanRevision of the Central European species of Aclista (Diapriidae, Hymenoptera). Part II. Aclista insolita Nixon, 1957 Aclista dubia Kieffer, 1909 and similar speciesActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 183-197
Abstract: The Central European species Aclista insolita Nixon, 1957, Aclista dubia Kieffer, 1909, Aclista marginalis Kieffer, 1909 and Aclista longistilus Kieffer, 1909 are revised and diagnosed and three new species are described: Aclista vernalis sp. nov. (Czech Republic,Slovakia), Aclista elegantula sp. nov. (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria) and Aclista subtilis sp. nov. (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland). The following new synonymies are proposed: Aclista longistilus (Kieffer, 1909) = Xenotoma brachycera Kieffer, 1910, syn. nov.; Aclista marginalis (Kieffer, 1909) = Aclista mycale Nixon, 1957, syn. nov.
Ježek Jan, van Harten AntoniusFurther new taxa and little-known species of non-biting moth flies (Diptera, Psychodidae) from YemenActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 199-220
Abstract: An account of the Psychodinae, tribe Psychodini, from Yemen is given, including the description of a new genus, Psychana gen. nov. with the following five species included: Psychana rujumensis sp. nov. (type species), P. absidata (Quate et Quate, 1967) comb. nov. and P. pinguicula (Quate et Quate, 1967) comb. nov. (known from New Guinea), P. moleva (Quate, 1965) comb. nov. (Philippines), and P. pellucida (Quate, 1965) comb. nov. (Malaysia), all of them from Psychoda Latreille, 1796. Three additional new species, Copropsychoda bulbosa sp. nov., Falsologima verrucosa sp. nov. (male), and Psychoda obscuripennis sp. nov. (male), are described and figured. Psychodula harrisi (Satchell, 1950) comb. nov. (from Chodopsycha Ježek, 1984) is redescribed to give female characters and recorded for the first time from Yemen and the Afrotropical region. Comments on the generic classification of all five genera are given. A preliminary key to the tribes of the subfamily Psychodinae and to the world genera of the tribe Psychodini is added.