New taxa of the subfamily Cantharinae (Coleoptera: Cantharidae) from southeastern Asia with notes on other species II

Švihla Vladimír
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 45: 71-110, 2005
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Abstract: The following new taxa are described and illustrated: Rhagonycha bimucronata sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), Micropodabrus semifumatoides sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. fissiformis sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. kopetzi sp. nov. (Thailand), M. kantnerorum sp. nov. (Laos), M. jendeki sp. nov. (Laos), M. laosensis sp. nov. (Laos), M. kresli sp. nov. (Laos), Mimopodabrus rectiangulatus sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. reductus sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), M. eduardi sp. nov. (Laos), Themus (s. str.) milosi sp. nov. (China: Xizang), T. (Haplothemus) bezdeki sp. nov. (Laos), Cantharis (s. str.) dedicata sp. nov. (Laos), Athemus (Athemellus) bimaculicollis (China: Shaanxi), A. (Andrathemus) similis sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), A. (Andrathemus) rolciki indosinicus ssp. nov. (Thailand, Laos, China: Yunnan), Lycocerus jendeki sp. nov. (Laos), Stenothemus subnitidus sp. nov. (India: Assam), S. holosericus sp. nov. (India: Assam), S. orbiculatus sp. nov. (India: Manipur), S. wardi sp. nov. (Myanmar), S. sepiaceus sp. nov. (China: Yunnan), S. melleus sp. nov. (China: Sichuan), Leiothorax atrosanguineus sp. nov. (China: Shaanxi), Habronychus (s. str.) kantnerorum sp. nov. (Laos), Prothemus kantnerorum sp. nov. (Laos) and P. kopetzi sp. nov. (China: Guizhou). New status is given to Athemus (Andrathemus) subincisus Wittmer, 1995 stat. nov.; Athemus longipilis Wittmer, 1995 is transferred from the subgenus Andrathemus Wittmer, 1978 to the subgenus Isathemus Wittmer, 1995. Key to the Stenothemus harmandi (Bourgeois, 1902) species group is provided and new taxonomic data and/or illustrations are given for Themus (Haplothemus) hackeli Švihla, 2004, Lycocerus kejvali Švihla, 2004, Stenothemus andrewesi (Bourgeois, 1907), S. favrei (Pic, 1907), S. harmandi (Bourgeois, 1902), S. bezdeki Švihla, 2004, and Habronychus (s. str.) lineaticeps (Pic, 1914).
Key words: Taxonomy, Coleoptera, Cantharidae, new species, new subspecies, new status, key, Palaearctic region, Oriental region