Taxonomic and nomenclatural changes in Cassidinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Sekerka Lukáš
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 56(1): 275-344, 2016
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Abstract: The following taxonomic and nomenclatural changes are proposed based on examination of relevant type material: (i) New species. Charidotis amazona sp. nov. is described from the Amazonas State of Brazil. It was previously misidentified and published as C. orbifera (Boheman, 1855). (ii) Status changes. The following taxa are reinstated from synonymy and their species status is restored: Agroiconota urbanae Buzzi, 1996 stat. restit. from synonymy of A. subvittata (Boheman, 1855); Botanochara invasa (Boheman, 1850) stat. restit. from synonymy of B. octoplagiata (Spaeth, 1909); Charidotella rubrotestacea (Boheman, 1855) stat. restit. from synonymy of C. ventricosa (Boheman, 1855); Chelymorpha cruxnigra Boheman, 1862 stat. restit. from synonymy of Ogdoecosta juvenca (Boheman, 1854); Convexocoleus decemmaculatus (Blake, 1930) stat. restit. from synonymy of Elytrogona bulla Boheman, 1862; Eutheria bipunctata (Wagener, 1877) stat. restit. from synonymy of E. longula (Boheman, 1857); Nebraspis aureomarginata (Boheman, 1857) stat. restit. from synonymy of Stolas festiva (Klug, 1829); Omocerus bolivianus (Boheman, 1857) stat. restit. from synonymy of O. reichei (Boheman, 1850); Orexita postica (Boheman, 1855) stat. restit. from synonymy of O. picta (Boheman, 1855); Plagiometriona bremei (Boheman, 1855) stat. restit. from synonymy of P. buqueti (Boheman, 1855); Stolas latissima (Baly, 1872) stat. restit. from synonymy of S. latevittata (Boheman, 1862); Stolas silbermanni (Boheman, 1850) stat. restit. from synonymy of S. festiva (Klug, 1829). (iii) New combinations. Agenysa calvata (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov., A. lacertosa (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov., and A. stragula (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov. all from Stolas Billberg, 1820; Asteriza tortuguilla (Zayas, 1989) comb. nov. from Plagiometriona Spaeth, 1899; Convexocoleus decemmaculatus (Blake, 1930) comb. nov. from Elytrogona Chevrolat, 1836; Discomorpha (Discomorpha) bohemanii (Guérin-Méneville, 1855) comb. nov. from Cyclosoma (Dolichotoma Hope, 1839); Goniochenia (Baranosa) honorata (Baly, 1869) comb. nov., Botanochara dignitosa (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov., and Stolas informis (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov. all from Cyrtonota Chevrolat, 1836; Helocassis ramosa (Boheman, 1855) comb. nov. from Plagiometriona; Microctenochira usta (Boheman, 1855) comb. nov. from Coptocycla Chevrolat, 1836; Nebraspis aureomarginata (Boheman, 1857) comb. nov. from Stolas; Nympharescus aemulus (Waterhouse, 1881) comb. nov. and N. laevicollis (Waterhouse, 1879) comb. nov. both from Chelobasis Gray, 1832; Orexita bahiana (Spaeth, 1931) comb. nov. from Cistudinella Champion, 1894. The genera Aidoia Spaeth, 1952 and Orexita Spaeth, 1911 are transferred from Cassidini to Ischyrosonychini based on head shape. (iv) New synonymies. Agenysa caedemadens (Lichtenstein, 1796) = A. guianiensis (Boheman, 1857) syn. nov. = A. signaticollis (Boheman, 1857) syn. nov.; Agenysa calvata (Boheman, 1862) = A. connectens aequatoriensis Spaeth, 1916 syn. nov.; Agenysa lacertosa (Boheman, 1862) = A. crassicornis Spaeth, 1905 syn. nov.; Agroiconota subvittata (Boheman, 1855) = A. carlobrivioi Borowiec, 2005 syn. nov.; Alurnus dallieri Pic, 1926 = A. costalis var. bipartitus Pic, 1926 syn. nov. = A. tricolor Uhmann, 1927 syn. nov. = A. horni Uhmann, 1935 syn. nov.; Anacassis dubia (Boheman, 1854) = Physonota atomaria Boheman, 1854 syn. nov.; Basiprionota octomaculata (Boheman, 1850) = B. gibbosa (Baly, 1863) syn. nov.; Botanochara dignitosa (Boheman, 1862) = B. rudepunctata (Spaeth, 1909) syn. nov.; Botanochara invasa (Boheman, 1850) = B. planipennis (Spaeth, 1899) syn. nov.; Botanochara pavonia (Boheman, 1850) = B. multipicta (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov.; Cassida catenata (Boheman, 1855) = C. dorsalis (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov.; Cassida nigriventris Boheman, 1854 = Coptocycla mundula Boheman, 1855 syn. nov.; Charidotella fumosa (Boheman, 1855) = C. obnubilata (Weise, 1921) syn. nov.; Charidotis annularis (Boheman, 1855) = C. signoreti (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov.; Charidotis candens (Boheman, 1855) = C. suspecta (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov.; Charidotis circulifera Boheman, 1862 = C. exornata Weise, 1921 syn. nov.; Charidotis circumscripta Boheman, 1855 = C. rubrocincta Boheman, 1855 syn. nov.; Charidotis nucleata Boheman, 1855 = C. orbifera Boheman, 1855 syn. nov.; Charidotis subrugosa (Boheman, 1855) = C. pumicosa Boheman, 1862 syn. nov.; Chelymorpha advena Boheman, 1857 = C. vittifera Spaeth, 1932 syn. nov.; Chelymorpha commutabilis Boheman, 1854 = C. parummaculata Boheman, 1854 syn. nov. = C. longula Boheman, 1857 syn. nov.; Cistudinella inanis (Boheman, 1854) = C. biguttata Hincks, 1956 syn. nov.; Ctenocharidotis nobiliata (Boheman, 1855) = C. briseis (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov.; Cyrtonota adspersa (Boheman, 1850) = Mesomphalia luteipennis Boheman, 1850 syn. nov.; Cyrtonota bistigma (Boheman, 1857) = C. smaragdina (Boheman, 1857) syn. nov.; Cyrtonota deliciosa (Baly, 1872) = C. pauperula (Baly, 1872) syn. nov. = C. tutelata (Spaeth, 1932) syn. nov.; Cyrtonota marginata (Kirsch, 1883) = C. kolbei (Spaeth, 1907) syn. nov.; Discomorpha bohemanii (Guérin-Méneville, 1855) = D. heikertingeri (Spaeth, 1920) syn. nov.; Elytrogona bulla Boheman, 1862 = E. gemmata Blake, 1930 syn. nov.; Eurypedus peltoides (Boheman, 1854) = Cassida oblonga Thon, 1826 syn. nov. = E. thoni Barber, 1946 syn. nov.; Exestastica ignobilis (Boheman, 1854) = Hybosa indecens Boheman, 1855 syn. nov.; Microctenochira jousselini (Boheman, 1855) = M. semifasciata (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov.; Microctenochira similata (Boheman, 1855) = M. napaea (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov.; Microctenochira usta (Boheman, 1855) = M. semilunaris (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov. = M. conspersa (Kirsch, 1865) syn. nov. = M. tristicula (Spaeth, 1902) syn. nov. = M. tristicula var. subvittata (Spaeth, 1902) syn. nov.; Nebraspis aureomarginata (Boheman, 1857) = N. viridimetallica Borowiec, 1999 syn. nov.; Nuzonia gestatrix (Boheman, 1855) = N. luculenta (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov.; Ogdoecosta soricina (Boheman, 1862) = O. stygia (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov.; Orexita justini (Boheman, 1855) = Physonota breviuscula (Boheman, 1857) syn. nov.; Orexita postica (Boheman, 1855) = O. maura (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov. = O. picta (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov. = O. bifenestrata (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov.; Orexita speculata (Boheman, 1862) = O. plagipennis Spaeth, 1911 syn. nov.; Orexita wagneri (Boheman, 1862) = O. tripartita (Champion, 1894) syn. nov.; Paratrikona rubescens Blake, 1939 = P. albomaculata Borowiec, 2009 syn. nov.; Physonota pellucida Wagener, 1877 = P. perampla Champion, 1894 syn. nov.; Plagiometriona zelleri (Boheman, 1855) = P. glyphica (Boheman, 1855) syn. nov.; Spaethiella rugosa (Boheman, 1850) = S. picina (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov.; Stolas cruentata (Erichson, 1847) = S. deplorabunda (Boheman, 1857) syn. nov.; Stolas diversa (Boheman, 1850) = S. vidua (Boheman, 1850) syn. nov.; Stolas latevittata (Boheman, 1862) = S. cassandra (Spaeth, 1911) syn. nov.; Stolas mannerheimi (Boheman, 1850) = S. beatula (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov.; Stolas silbermanni (Boheman, 1850) = S. vicina (Boheman, 1850) syn. nov.; Xenochalepus (Neochalepus) nigriceps (Blanchard, 1843) = Chalepus aeneiceps Pic, 1937 syn. nov.; Zeugonota quadrinodosa (Boheman, 1855) = Desmonota plicicollis Boheman, 1862 syn. nov. (v) Lectotype designations. Lectotypes are designated for the following taxa in order to conserve their status for purposes of synonymy: Charidotis pumicosa Boheman, 1862; Chelymorpha longula Boheman, 1857; Mesomphalia aureomarginata Boheman, 1857; Mesomphalia latevittata Boheman, 1862; Mesomphalia latissima Baly, 1872; Mesomphalia silbermanni Boheman, 1850; Poecilaspis invasa Boheman, 1850. (vi) Change of authorship. The authorship of the genus Cyclosoma Chevrolat, 1833 (not Guérin-Méveville, 1835) is here fixed according to context of the original publication.
Key words: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Cassidinae, entomology, taxonomy, nomenclature, new species, new synonymy, new combination, lectotype designation
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