Notes on the taxonomy of Urometopus with description of a new species from northern Turkey (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Colonnelli Enzo
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 51(2): 675-686, 2011
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Abstract: Urometopus angelinii sp. nov. from northern Turkey (Ordu province) is described and illustrated. Description and illustration of the male of U. anatolicus Smreczyński, 1977 with new locality records are also given. Omias imereticus Reitter, 1888, is here designated as the type species of Urometopus Formánek, 1904. Taxonomy and position of this genus within the tribe Omiini are discussed, and a checklist of its species is included. New synonymies are proposed: Urometopus Formánek, 1904 = Phyllobioides Formánek, 1923, syn. nov., and Urometopus strigifrons (Gyllenhal, 1834) = Phyllobioides crassirostris Formánek, 1923, syn. nov. The following revised combinations are established: Urometopus asiaticus (Formánek, 1910), comb. nov. (transferred from Omias Gernar, 1817), Urometopus korgei Smreczyński, 1970, comb. restit. and Urometopus rugifrons (Hochhuth, 1851), comb. nov. (both transferred from Phyllobioides Formánek, 1923), and Otiorhynchus malyi (Obenberger, 1914), comb. nov. (from Urometopus Formánek, 1904). Urometopus rugifrons (Hochhuth, 1851), stat. restit., is revived from synonymy with U. strigifrons (Gyllenhal, 1834). The genera Amicromias Reitter, 1913, Eurosphalmus Yunakov & Nadein, 2006, Solarhinomias Yunakov & Nadein, 2006, and Turanomias Yunakov & Nadein, 2006 are included in Omiini.
Key words: Curculionidae, Urometopus, taxonomy, new species, new synonymy, new combination, checklist, Turkey, Palaearctic Region
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