Updating the eastern Mediterranean Deronectes (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) with the description of two new species from Turkey

Hájek Jiří, Šťastný Jaroslav, Boukal Milan, Fery Hans
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 51(2): 463-476, 2011
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Abstract: Deronectes adanensis sp. nov. and D. ermani sp. nov., both from Adana province, Turkey, are described and illustrated. The former belongs to the D. longipes subgroup of the D. parvicollis species group and can be recognised by its testaceous colouration and by the median lobe of aedeagus in lateral view with the apical part almost evenly curved. Deronectes ermani sp. nov. possesses the following unique character combination: oblong habitus, pronotum widest in midlength with longitudinal impressions parallel to each side, prosternal apophysis with carina absent or only indistinctly indicated in part, last abdominal ventrite with a distinct notch, and median lobe with very sharply pointed apex. The species cannot be placed in any of the known species groups, and thus the new D. ermani species group is introduced. An updated key to the species groups is presented. In addition, new records of Deronectes Sharp, 1882 from Turkey and Iran are presented. Deronectes doriae Sharp, 1882 is recorded from Iran for the first time. The type locality of D. biltoni Fery & Hosseinie, 1999 is corrected to Ziarat-e Khaseh Rud in Golestan province, Iran.
Key words: Dytiscidae, Hydroporinae, Deronectes, new species, new records, Iran, Turkey, Palaearctic Region
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