World catalogue of the Hydrophiloidea (Coleoptera): additions and corrections II (2006–2010)

Short Andrew E. Z., Fikáček Martin
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 51(1): 83-122, 2011
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Abstract: All new names and nomenclatural acts affecting the taxonomy of the extant Hydrophiloidea (s. str.) since the publication of the first World Catalogue update in 2006 are reviewed. Additional citations relating to the phylogeny, immature stages, and fossil taxa of the superfamily are also provided. Four changes to family-group names are introduced, all affecting Hydrophilini: the subtribe Globulosina is synonymized with Acidocerina, and the three resulting subtribes of the Hydrophilini sensu Hansen (1991) are each elevated to tribal rank: Acidocerini stat. nov., Hydrobiusini stat. nov., and Hydrophilini sensu nov. Five new genus-group synonymies are made: Agnaeformia Shatrovskiy, 1989, syn. nov. = Pacrillum d’Orchymont, 1941; Aschnaia Makhan, 2007, syn. nov. = Allocotocerus Kraatz, 1883; Gemelus García, 2000, syn. nov. = Methydrus Rey, 1885; Guaramacalus García, 2000, syn. nov. = Hugoscottia Knisch, 1922; Quasiparacymus Marjanian, 2009, syn. nov. = Paracymus Thomson, 1867. Eight new combinations are proposed, most resulting from the new generic synonymies: Allocotocerus soesilae (Makhan, 2007) comb. nov. (from Aschnaia), Enochrus andinus (García, 2000) comb. nov. (from Guaramacalus), Enochrus emeritensis (García, 2000) comb. nov. (from Guaramacalus), Enochrus pallidus (García, 2000) comb. nov. (from Gemelus), Laccobius flaveolus (Hebauer & Wang, 1998) comb. nov. (from Oocyclus Sharp, 1882), Oosternum amrishi (Makhan, 2009) comb. nov. (from Motonerus Hansen, 1989), Oosternum rishwani (Makhan, 2009) comb. nov. (from Motonerus), and Pacrillum lucidum (Shatrovskiy, 1989) comb. nov. (from Agnaeformia). Three replacement names for secondary junior homonyms are introduced: Anacaena ovatides Newton, 2011 for Anacaena ovata (Gentili, 2002); Anacaena striatides Newton, 2011 nom. nov. for Anacaena striata (Gentili, 2002); and Laccobius manalicus Short & Fikáček, 2011 nom. nov. for Laccobius inermis (Hebauer & Wang, 1998). The total number of valid, extant species in the Hydrophiloidea now stands at 3335 species in 176 genera.
Key words: Hydrophiloidea, catalogue, taxonomy, update, new name, new synonym, new status, new combination
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