Studies on the Cimicomorpha and Pentatomomorpha (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) of Khuzestan and the adjacent provinces of Iran

Linnavuori Rauno L.
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 51(1): 21-48, 2011
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Abstract: A list of 123 true bug species and subspecies of the families Tingidae (19 species), Nabidae (7 species), Anthocoridae (11 species, 1 subspecies), Aradidae (1 species), Lygaeidae s. l. (77 species, 1 subspecies), Piesmatidae (1 species), and Berytidae (4 species) from Khuzestan and the adjacent provinces in southern Iran is published. Eight species are recorded from Iran for the first time: Tingidae: Agramma confusum (Puton, 1879), Agramma subnotatum Péricart, 1981, Tingis geniculata (Fieber, 1844); Aradidae: Aradus flavicornis Dalman, 1827; Lygaeidae s. l.: Artheneis turangae Kerzhner, 1997, Auchenodes conspersus (Jakovlev, 1885), Holcocranum diminutum diminutum Horváth, 1898, and Piesmatidae: Parapiesma rotundatum (Horváth, 1906). One poorly known species, Geocoris montandoniellus Kiritshenko, 1915, is redescribed and compared with the most similar species.
Key words: Heteroptera, Anthocoridae, Aradidae, Berytidae, Lygaeidae s. l., Nabidae, Piesmatidae, Tingidae, faunistics, new species, new records, Iran, Khuzestan
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