New taxa of the Largidae and Pyrrhocoridae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from the Oriental Region

Stehlík Jaroslav L., Jindra Zdeněk
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 48(2): 611-648, 2008
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Abstract: The following new taxa are described in the Largidae and Pyrrhocoridae: Largidae – Delacampius alboarcuatus sp. nov. (Indonesia: Bali), D. parvulus sp. nov. (Thailand), D. siberutensis sp. nov. (Indonesia: Siberut), Iphita fasciata sp. nov. (India: Maharastra), I. fuscorubra sp. nov. (India: Maharastra), I. heissi sp. nov. (Indonesia: Sumatra), I. rubricata albolutea subsp. nov. (Malaysia: Sabah), I. varians rubra subsp. nov. (Indonesia: Nias), Physopelta kotheae sp. nov. (Indonesia: Sumatra, Java), Ph. melanopyga rufifemur subsp. nov. (Indonesia: Seram), and Ph. trimaculata sp. nov. (India: Maharastra); Pyrrhocoridae – Arma- tillus sulawesiensis sp. nov. (Indonesia: Sulawesi), Brancucciana (Rubriascopus) orientalis sp. nov. (Indonesia: Alor, Sumatra, Timor, Yamdena; Philippines: Mindanao), Dindymus (Dindymus) baliensis sp. nov. (Indonesia: Bali), D. (Din- dymus) sundaensis sp. nov. (Indonesia: Alor), D. (Pseudodindymus) albicornis siberutensis subsp. nov. (Indonesia: Siberut, Nias), D. (Pseudodindymus) stysi sp. nov. (Indonesia: Butung Island), Dysdercus (Paradysdercus) transversalis castaneus subsp. nov. (Indonesia: Yamdena, Banda Islands), Ectatops riedeli sp. nov. (Indonesia: Sulawesi), E. schoenitzeri sp. nov. (Indonesia: Sulawesi), and Eu- scopus tristis sp. nov. (India: Kerala). Two new combinations within the Largidae are established: Iphita fimbriata (Stål, 1863) comb. nov. (originally Physopelta fimbriata) and Tauberella hirta (Blöte, 1933), comb. nov. (originally Delacampius hirtus). Armatillus orthocephaloides (Breddin, 1912) is recorded from Malaysia: Sarawak, for the first time. The stridulatory organs of the Physopeltinae (Largidae) are reported for the first time.
Key words: Heteroptera, Largidae, Pyrrhocoridae, taxonomy, new taxa, new combinations, morphology, stridulatory organs, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phi- lippines, Thailand, Australia
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