Definition of the tribe Metrodorini (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) with notes on biogeography and evolution of Metrodorinae and Cladonotinae

Kasalo Niko, Yong Sheyla, Rebrina Fran, Skejo Josip
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 63(1): 187-193, 2023
Published online: 28th July 2023
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Abstract: Both Metrodorinae and Cladonotinae are polyphyletic subfamilies of Tetrigidae and are thus in need of revision. This paper offers a key step toward this by defining the nominotypical tribe of Metrodorinae, Metrodorini Bolívar, 1887 that encompasses mostly apterous species with arcuate median carina of pronotum, laterally projecting lateral lobes of pronotum, and produced carinae of vertex forming horns. The tribe Metrodorini consists of the following genera: Cota Bolívar, 1887; Hancockiella Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015; Metrodora Bolívar, 1887; Miriatra Bolívar, 1906; Antillotettix Perez-Gelabert, 2003; Armasius Perez-Gelabert & Yong, 2014; †Baeotettix Heads, 2009; Bahorucotettix Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; Cubanotettix Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; Cubonotus Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; †Electrotettix Heads & Thomas, 2014; Haitianotettix Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; Hottettix Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; Mucrotettix Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; Sierratettix Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; Tiburonotus Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998; and Truncotettix Perez-Gelabert, Hierro & Otte, 1998. The following new synonyms are recognized: Metrodorini = Miriatrini Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015, syn. nov. = Mucrotettigini Cadena-Castañeda & Silva, 2019, syn. nov. Eleleus curtus Bolívar, 1887 is excluded from Metrodorini and is left under Cladonotinae without tribal assignment. Biogeography, evolution, and taxonomies of Metrodorinae and Cladonotinae are briefly discussed.
Key words: Orthoptera, Tetrigidae, Cladonotini, Mucrotettigini, Metrodora, taxonomy, revision, Antilles, Caribbean, Neotropical Region