New species and new records of minute moss beetles from East Africa (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae)

Bilton David T.
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 63(1): 103-110, 2023
Published online: 12th March 2023
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Abstract: Despite much recent progress, knowledge of Afrotropical Hydraenidae remains limited, particularly in areas experiencing tropical climates, where large numbers of species likely remain undetected. Here, three new species are described from material recently collected from two Malawian mountains: Coelometopon dedzae sp. nov. from Mount Dedza and Hydraena (Hydraenopsis) mulanje sp. nov. and Ochthebius (Asiobates) erinaceus sp. nov. from Mount Mulanje. All specimens were sampled by sifting, and Hydraena mulanje sp. nov. and Ochthebius erinaceus sp. nov. appear to be terrestrial, in forest litter. Specimens of Decarthrocerus Orchymont, 1948 from Mount Dedza are apparently referable to D. jeanneli Orchymont, 1948, described from Mount Elgon, Kenya, as is a specimen examined from Mount Hanang in Tanzania. These represent new country records for this species, which appears to be widespread in East African Mountains.
Key words: Coleoptera, Hydraenidae, taxonomy, new species, new records, humicolous, madicolous, Malawi, Tanzania, Afrotropical Region
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