Revision of the genera of Picrotini (Coleoptera: Cryptophagidae: Cryptophaginae)

Gimmel Matthew L., Leschen Richard A. B.
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 62(1): 61-109, 2022
Published online: 21st June 2022
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Abstract: The genera of the Gondwanan tribe Picrotini are redefined, resulting in the recognition of 22 genera. Thirteen new genera and 10 new species are described: Austroscelis gen. nov. (type species: Cryptophagus gibbipennis Blackburn, 1892), Bellascelis gen. nov. (type species: Bellascelis pecki sp. nov.), Chileothortus gen. nov. (type species: Chileothortus infuscatus sp. nov.), Chimaerocryptus gen. nov. (type species: Chimaerocryptus johnsoni sp. nov.), Connatocryptus gen. nov. (type species: Connatocryptus utiku sp. nov.), Cordosomatula gen. nov. (type species: Cordosomatula magnabagishae sp. nov.), Foveocryptus gen. nov. (type species: Foveocryptus chenyandongi sp. nov.), Humerocryptus gen. nov. (type species: Cryptophagus tumidus Broun, 1893), Notocryptus gen. nov. (type species: Cryptophagus australis Redtenbacher, 1868), Odontosomatula gen. nov. (type species: Odontosomatula carltoni sp. nov.), Orthoscelis gen. nov. (type species: Orthoscelis transversus sp. nov.), Papuacryptus gen. nov. (type species: Papuacryptus striatopunctatus sp. nov.), Paragnetaria gen. nov. (type species: Paragnetaria slipinskii sp. nov.). Brounina Bruce, 1943, syn. nov., is recognized as a new junior synonym of Chiliotis Reitter, 1875. Fourteen new combinations are established. The genus Micrambina Reitter, 1878 and its type species, Micrambina amitta Reitter, 1878, are excluded from Cryptophagidae and transferred to the Toramini (Erotylidae: Cryptophilinae) as genus et species inquirenda. Cryptophagus hispidulus Broun, 1880, syn. nov., and Cryptophagus obscurus Broun, 1893, syn. nov., are proposed as new junior synonyms of Notocryptus australis (Redtenbacher, 1868), comb. nov. A lectotype is designated for Mycetaea pilosella Blackburn, 1891. A key is provided for the genera of Picrotini along with a habitus image gallery of putative species. The morphology of the Cryptophagidae is discussed, with an emphasis on the aedeagus and the bipartite penis as potential support for monophyletic groups within the currently heterogeneous Cucujoidea.
Key words: Coleoptera, Cucujoidea, Cryptophagidae, Cryptophaginae, Picrotini, taxonomy, morphology, new genera, new species, Australia, Chile, Gondwana, New Zealand, Southern Hemisphere