New and little-known species of the genus Dicerapanorpa from northwestern Yunnan, China (Mecoptera: Panorpidae)

Wang Ji-Shen
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 62(1): 1-13, 2022
Published online: 12th April 2022
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Abstract: The genus Dicerapanorpa Zhong & Hua, 2013 previously comprised 20 known species that are endemic to central and southwestern China. Herein, I present new knowledge of this genus from northwestern Yunnan, including descriptions of four new species, Dicerapanorpa harmonia sp. nov., Dicerapanorpa huangguocongi sp. nov., Dicerapanorpa nakhi sp. nov., and Dicerapanorpa yangqichengi sp. nov. In addition, three little-known species, Dicerapanorpa tenuis Hu, Wang & Hua, 2019, Dicerapanorpa tjederi Carpenter, 1938, and Dicerapanorpa triclada (Qian & Zhou, 2001) are redescribed and illustrated based on new materials. An updated key to all known 24 species of Dicerapanorpa is provided, and a distributional map of Dicerapanorpa species from Yunnan is presented. The evolution and biology of Dicerapanorpa are briefly discussed.
Key words: Mecoptera, Panorpidae, scorpionfl ies, biodiversity, taxonomy, Yunnan, China, Oriental Region