Czech and Slovak Claustropyga(Diptera: Sciaridae), with the description of C. glacialissp. nov. and notes on morphological variation in some congeners

Rudzinski Hans-Georg, Ševčík Jan
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 59(2): 529-535, 2019
Published online: 12th December 2019
Published in print: 31st December 2019
Views: 1267
Abstract: A new species of Sciaridae, Claustropyga glacialissp. nov., is described from the Czech Republic (Hrubý Jeseník Mts. and Šumava Mts.). New records of Claustropyga Hippa, Vilkamaa & Mohrig, 2003 from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are presented, including five species new to the Czech Republic (Claustropyga acanthostyla(Tu­omikoski, 1960), C. clausa(Tuomikoski, 1960), C. ctenophora Hippa, Vilkamaa & Mohrig, 2003, C. refrigerata (Lengersdorf, 1930), C. subcorticis (Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1985)) and three new to Slovakia (Claustropyga acanthostyla, C. apertaHippa, Vilkamaa & Mohrig, 2003, C. refrigerata). Variation in some characters on the male terminalia is illustrated for Claustropyga aperta and C. refrigerata.
Key words: Diptera, Bibionomorpha, Sciaroidea, Sciaridae, black fungus gnats, new species, faunistics, taxonomy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Palaearctic Region
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