Nomenclature and taxonomy of the genus Stylops (Strepsiptera): an annotated preliminary world checklist

Straka Jakub, Jůzová Kateřina, Nakase Yuta
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 55(1): 305-332, 2015
Published in print: 1st June 2015
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Abstract: Taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus Stylops Kirby, 1802 (Strepsiptera) have been understood differently in different parts of world for a long time. Largest differences came from erroneous concept of host specialization of individual species. For this reason, we re-evaluated taxonomy and nomenclature in all Stylops species based on distances of DNA barcode sequences (cytochrome c oxidase subunit I). Twenty six species (123 individuals) out of sixty six recognized Stylops species from all distribution range were DNA barcoded and their sequences compared. Taxonomy of all West Palaearctic species was restructured to be congruent with results of analysis of the genetic distances. Single European species Stylops melittae Kirby, 1802 is divided into thirty species, whose species status is restituted: S. analis Perkins, 1918; S. andrenaphilus Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. ater Reichert, 1914; S. aterrimus Newport, 1851; S. borcherti Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. dalii Curtis, 1828; S. deserticola Medvedev, 1970; S. dinizi Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. gwynanae Günther, 1957; S. hammella Perkins, 1918; S. ibericus Luna de Carvalho, 1969; S. kinzelbachi Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. liliputanus Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. lusohispanicus Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. madrilensis Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. maxillaris Pasteels, 1949; S. moniliaphagus Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. nevinsoni Perkins, 1918; S. obenbergeri Ogloblin, 1923; S. obsoletus Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. paracuellus Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. pasteelsi Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. praecocis Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. risleri Kinzelbach, 1967; S. ruthenicus Schkaff, 1925; S. salamancanus Luna de Carvalho, 1974; S. spreta Perkins, 1918; S. thwaitesi Perkins, 1918; S. ventricosae Pierce, 1909; and S. warnckei Luna de Carvalho, 1974. Stylops hartfordensis Pierce, 1909 is a single species from North America, whose status is restituted from S. bruneri Pierce, 1909. Names of fifteen West Palaearctic species, fourteen East Palaearctic species and fifteen Nearctic species are supposed to be new junior subjective synonyms: S. muelleri Borchert, 1971 = S. ater; S. dominiquei Pierce, 1909 = S. bimaculatae Perkins, 1918 = S. aterrimus; S. nitidiusculae Poluszyński, 1927 = S. hammella; S. esteponensis Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. maxillaris; S. flavipedis Hofeneder, 1924 = S. nitidae Pasteels, 1954 = S. giganteus Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. melittae; S. transversa Pasteels, 1949 = S. nevinsoni; S. duriensis Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. spreta; S. championi Pierce, 1919 = S. alfkeni Hofeneder, 1939 = S. albofasciatae Günther, 1957 = S. borealis Kifune & Hirashima, 1985 = S. thwaitesi; S. orientis Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. hirashimai Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. circularis Kifune & Hirashima, 1985; S. truncatus Kifune & Hirashima, 1985 = S. oblongulus Kifune & Hirashima, 1985 = S. truncatoides Kifune & Hirashima, 1985 = S. collinus Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. aburanae Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. japonicus Kifune & Hirashima, 1985; S. dentatae Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. aino Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. izumoensis Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. nipponicus Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. subcircularis Kifune & Maeta, 1990 = S. fukuiensis Kifune, 1991 = S. yamatonis Kifune & Hirashima, 1985; S. mandibularis Pierce, 1911 = S. moestae Pierce, 1919 = S. sinuatus Pierce, 1919 = S. advarians Pierce, 1909; S. oklahomae Pierce, 1909 = S. bipunctatae Pierce, 1909; S. neonanae Pierce, 1919 = S. duboisi Bohart, 1937 = S. bruneri; S. vicinae Pierce, 1909 = S. childreni Gray & Westwood, 1832; S. solidulae Pierce, 1909 = S. cornii Pierce, 1909; S. swenki Pierce, 1909 = S. crawfordi Pierce, 1909; S. salicifloris Pierce, 1909 = S. hippotes Pierce, 1909; S. grandior Pierce, 1919 = S. multiplicatae Pierce, 1909; S. pacificus Bohart, 1936 = S. polemonii Pierce, 1909; S. bisalicidis Pierce, 1919 = S. medionitans Pierce, 1919 = S. subcandidae Pierce, 1909. Twelve names were recognized as unjustified emendations and these names are new junior objective synonyms: S. trimmeranae Kinzelbach, 1978 = S. trimmerana Smith, 1857 (= S. aterrimus); S. dalei Kinzelbach, 1978 = S. dalii; S. gwynanai Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. gwynanae; S. hammelae Kinzelbach, 1978 = S. hammella; S. nitidiusculai Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. nitidiusculae Poluszyński, 1927 (= S. hammella); S. kirbyi Kinzelbach, 1978 = S. kirbii Leach, 1817 (= S. melittae); S. spencei Kinzelbach, 1971 = S. spencei Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. spencii Pickering, 1836 (= S. melittae); S. melittai Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. melittae; S. spretae Ulrich, 1930 = S. spretus Luna de Carvalho, 1974 = S. spreta; S. thwattei Luna de Carvalho, 1969 = S. thwaitesi. Nine names are recognized as nomina nuda and therefore unavailable in zoological nomenclature. Years of publications of the species names were corrected based on the original literature. Bee hosts are summarized for each species according to the new synonymies.
Key words: Strepsiptera, Stylopidae, integrative taxonomy, DNA barcode, nomenclature, revised status, new synonym, bee parasite, Andrena, Andrenidae
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