Review of Imatidiini genera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae)

Sekerka Lukáš
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 54(1): 257-314, 2014
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Abstract: Genera of Imatidiini Hope, 1840 are revised and keyed. Colour images demonstrating general habitus of all genera are also given. The following genera are removed from synonymy and their status restored: Caloclada Guérin-Méneville, 1844, stat. restit., Pseudimatidium Aslam, 1966, stat. restit., and Xenispa Baly, 1858, stat. restit. Xanthispa Baly, 1858, stat. nov., is raised to full generic rank. Caloclada fasciata Guérin-Méneville, 1844 is designated as the type species of Caloclada. Demotispa pulchella Baly, 1858 is confirmed as the type species of Demotispa Baly, 1858 because it was fixed in the original publication. Solenispa Weise, 1905 is transferred to Hybosispini Weise, 1910 because it has no pronotal setae and carinate internal margin of eye. Demotispa and Parimatidium Spaeth, 1938 are reclassified because of misapplication of the type species. In addition, six genera are described as new: Cyclantispa gen. nov., Katkispa gen. nov., Lechispa gen. nov., Parentispa gen. nov., Weiseispa gen. nov., and Windsorispa gen. nov. Two species are removed from synonymy and their species status is restored: Demotispa sanguinea (Champion, 1894) stat. restit., and Xenispa elegans (Baly, 1875) stat. restit. Species status of Xenispa pulchella Baly, 1858, stat. restit., is restored and its replacement name Demotispa magna Weise, 1910 is suspended. The following new synonymies are proposed: Caloclada Guérin-Méneville, 1844 = Octocladiscus Thomson, 1856, syn. nov., and Demotispa Baly, 1858 = Stilpnaspis Weise, 1905, syn. nov. = Rhodimatidium Aslam, 1966, syn. nov.; Demotispa pulchella Baly, 1858 = Stilpnaspis bicolorata Borowiec, 2000, syn. nov.; Pseudimatidium limbatum (Baly, 1885) = Homalispa limbifera Baly, 1885, syn. nov.; Pseudimatidium procerulum (Boheman, 1862) = Demotispa brunneofasciata Borowiec, 2000, syn. nov.; Weiseispa bimaculata (Baly, 1858) = Demotispa biplagiata Pic, 1923, syn. nov. Based on new synonymies, changes in generic system, and study of type material, the following new combinations are proposed: Cephaloleia basalis (Weise, 1910) comb. nov., C. bondari (Monrós, 1945) comb. nov., C. nigronotata (Pic, 1936) comb. nov.; Cyclantispa gracilis (Baly, 1885) comb. nov., C. subelongata (Pic, 1936) comb. nov.; Demotispa coccinata (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov., D. filicornis (Borowiec, 2000) comb. nov., D. fulva (Boheman, 1850) comb. nov., D. fuscocincta (Spaeth, 1928) comb. nov., D. impunctata (Borowiec, 2000) comb. nov., D. marginata (Weise, 1905) comb. nov., D. marginata (Weise, 1905) comb. nov., D. monteverdensis (Borowiec, 2000) comb. nov., D. nevermanni Uhmann, 1930 comb. nov., D. panamensis (Borowiec, 2000) comb. nov., D. rubiginosa (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov., D. rubricata (Guérin-Méneville, 1844) comb. nov., D. sanguinea (Champion, 1894) comb. nov., D. scarlatina (Spaeth, 1938) comb. nov., D. tambitoensis (Borowiec, 2000) comb. nov., D. tricolor (Spaeth, 1938) comb. nov.; Katkispa elongata (Pic, 1934) comb. nov.; Lechispa parallela (Pic, 1930) comb. nov., P. rosariana (Maulik, 1931) comb. nov.; Parentispa formosa (Staines, 1996) comb. nov., P. gracilis (Baly, 1878) comb. nov., P. vagelineata (Pic, 1926) comb. nov.; Pseudimatidium bondari (Spaeth, 1938) comb. nov., P. discoideum (Boheman, 1850) comb. nov., P. florianoi (Bondar, 1942) comb. nov., P. gomescostai (Bondar, 1943) comb. nov., P. limbatum (Baly, 1885) comb. nov., P. limbatellum (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov., P. madoni (Pic, 1936) comb. nov., P. neivai (Bondar, 1940) comb. nov., P. pallidum (Baly, 1885) comb. nov., P. pici (Staines, 2009) comb. nov., P. procerulum (Boheman, 1862) comb. nov., P. rufum (Pic, 1926) comb. nov.; Pseudostilpnaspis curvipes (Uhmann, 1951) comb. nov., P. lata (Baly, 1885) comb. nov.; Stenispa minasensis (Pic, 1931) comb. nov., S. viridis (Pic, 1931) comb. nov.; Weiseispa angusticollis (Weise, 1893) comb. nov., W. bimaculata (Baly, 1858) comb. nov., W. cayenensis (Pic, 1923) comb. nov., W. membrata (Uhmann, 1957) comb. nov., W. peruana (Weise, 1910) comb. nov.; Xenispa atra (Pic, 1926) comb. nov., X. baeri (Pic, 1926) comb. nov., X. bahiana (Spaeth, 1938) comb. nov., X. bicolorata (Uhmann, 1948) comb. nov., X. boliviana (Weise, 1910) comb. nov., X. carinata (Pic, 1934) comb. nov., X. clermonti (Pic, 1934) comb. nov., X. collaris (Waterhouse, 1881) comb. nov., X. columbica (Weise, 1910) comb. nov., X. consobrina (Weise, 1910) comb. nov., X. costaricensis (Uhmann, 1930) comb. nov., X. cyanipennis (Boheman, 1850) comb. nov., X. elegans (Baly, 1875) comb. nov., X. exigua (Uhmann, 1930) comb. nov., X. fallaciosa (Pic, 1923) comb. nov., X. fulvimana (Pic, 1923) comb. nov., X. garleppi (Uhmann, 1937) comb. nov., X. germaini (Weise, 1905) comb. nov., X. grayella (Baly, 1858) comb. nov., X. jataiensis (Pic, 1923) comb. nov., X. ovatula (Uhmann, 1948) comb. nov., X. plaumanni (Uhmann, 1937) comb. nov., X. pygidialis (Uhmann, 1940) comb. nov., X. romani (Weise, 1921) comb. nov., X. scutellaris (Pic, 1926) comb. nov., X. sulcicollis (Champion, 1920) comb. nov., X. testaceicornis (Pic, 1926) comb. nov., X. tibialis (Baly, 1858) comb. nov., X. tricolor (Weise, 1905) comb. nov., X. uhmanni (Pic, 1934) comb. nov., X. zikani (Spaeth, 1938) comb. nov.; Windsorispa bicoloricornis (Pic, 1926) comb. nov., W. latifrons (Weise, 1910) comb. nov., W. submarginata (Pic, 1934) comb. nov. The replacement name Cephaloleia pici nom. nov. is proposed for Cephaloleia basalis Pic, 1926 not Weise, 1910. Two species: Demotispa sallei Baly, 1858 and Melanispa bicolor Zayas, 1960 are considered as Imatidiini incertae sedis because they do not fit in any currently recognized genus. Lectotypes are designated for Demotispa pulchella Baly, 1858 and Himatidium mauliki Bondar, 1942 to stabilize the nomenclature in the group.
Key words: Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae; Cassidinae; Imatidiini; entomology; taxonomy; new genus; new synonymy; new combination; lectotype designation; Neotropical Region
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