Further new taxa of non-biting moth flies (Diptera: Psychodidae: Psychodinae) from Malaysia

Ježek Jan
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 50(1): 235-252, 2010
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Abstract: An account of the tribes Mormiini and Paramormiini (Psychodidae: Psychodinae) from Malaysia is given, including the description of a new paramormiine genus Perakomyia gen. nov. and the second record of the genus Saximormia Ježek, 1984 in the Oriental Region. The subgenera Nototelmatoscopus Satchell, 1953 and Oscoreopus Ježek, 1989 (substitute name for Oreoscopus Quate & Quate, 1967) of the genus Telmatoscopus Eaton, 1904, unjustly synonymized with the genus Peripsychoda Enderlein, 1935 in the past, are recognized as valid. Nototelmatoscopus is raised to generic rank. It includes the subgenera Nototelmatoscopus s. str., Oscoreopus and Jozifekia subgen. nov. The following new combination for species originally included in Telmatoscopus are given: Nototelmatoscopus (Nototelmatoscopus) obscurus (Satchell, 1953) comb. nov., N. (N.) appendiculatus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) baitabagensis (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) centraceps (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) confragus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) cracentus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) crassepalpis (Satchell, 1953) comb. nov., N. (N.) dimorphus (Tonnoir, 1953) comb. nov., N. (N.) empheres (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) festivus (Satchell, 1953) comb. nov., N. (N.) gregsoni (Tonnoir, 1953) comb. nov., N. (N.) nicholsoni (Satchell, 1953) comb. nov., N. (N.) obtusalatus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) reburrus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) sisyphus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) tridentatus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (N.) viduatus (Tonnoir, 1953) comb. nov., N. (Oscoreopus) wauensis (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (O.) ambalatus (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., N. (O.) globalaris (Quate & Quate, 1967) comb. nov., and Perakomyia kalabakensis (Quate, 1962) comb. nov. Three new species are described: Saximormia jelineki sp. nov., Nototelmatoscopus (Jozifekia) sasakawai sp. nov. and Perakomyia sifneri sp. nov. Important diagnostic characters and differential diagnoses are given and many characters illustrated for all mentioned taxa.
Key words: Diptera, Psychodidae, Psychodinae, Mormiini, Paramormiini, taxonomy, new genus, new subgenus, new status, new species, new combination, Oriental Region, Malaysia
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