Revisionary notes on some tropical Issidae and Nogodinidae (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea)

Gnezdilov Vladimir M.
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 49(1): 75-92, 2009
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Abstract: Thioniini Melichar, 1906 is placed in synonymy with Issini Spinola, 1839. The genus Thabena Stål, 1866 (Issidae: Issini) is redescribed and Gelasty- ra Kirkaldy, 1904, Gelastyrella Yang, 1994, and Borbonissus Bonfils, Attié & Reynaud, 2001 are placed in synonymy with Thabena. Issus literosus Walker, 1857, I. ovalis Walker, 1857, I. biplaga Walker, 1851, Gelastyra decipiens Meli- char, 1906, G. latifrons Melichar, 1906, G. diversa Melichar, 1906, Gelastyrella hainanensis Ran & Liang, 2006, G. yunnanensis Ran & Liang, 2006, and Borbo- nissus brunnifrons Bonfils, Attié & Reynaud, 2001 are transferred to the genus Thabena. Euroxenus gen. nov. is erected for Borbonissus vayssieresi Bonfils, Attié & Reynaud, 2001 (Issidae: Issini). Nepalius Dlabola, 1997 is placed in synony- my under Eusarima Yang, 1994 (Issidae: Issini). Devagama insularis Distant, 1913, D. maculata Distant, 1913 and Atylana parmula thalna Fennah, 1958 are synonymised with Devagama fasciata Distant, 1913, which is transferred to the genus Atylana Melichar, 1906 (Nogodinidae: Tongini). Issella Metcalf, 1952 and Buehleria Lallemand & Synave, 1953 are placed in synonymy under Oryxana Distant, 1910, Sutteria Lallemand & Synave, 1953 under Tonga Kirkaldy, 1900, Okissus Matsumura, 1916 and Ecapelopterum Chan & Yang, 1994 under Lollius Stål, 1866 (all Nogodinidae: Tongini), Darumara Metcalf, 1952 under Gergitho- ides Schumacher, 1915, Daruma nitobei Matsumura, 1916 under Gergithoides carinatifrons Schumacher, 1915 (all Issidae: Hemisphaeriini), and Dolia Kirkaldy, 1907 under Flavina Stål, 1861 (Issidae: Parahiraciini). New data on the distribution of some species are provided.
Key words: Issini, Hemisphaeriini, Parahiraciini, Tongini, taxonomy, new syno- nyms, new combinations, Afrotropical Region, Australasian Region, Oriental Region
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