Annotated review of the Cantharidae and Malachiidae (Coleoptera) of the Maltese Islands

Švihla Vladimír, Mifsud David
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 46: 89-105, 2006
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Abstract: The Cantharidae and Malachiidae (Coleoptera) of the Maltese Islands are reviewed. Six species of the family Cantharidae are listed, two of which are new for the Maltese Islands: Cantharis praecox Gené, 1836, and Malthinus latirufus (Pic, 1901). Malthinus pseudoscriptus Wittmer, 1971, syn. nov. is synonymized with Malthinus scapularis Marseul, 1878. Male last abdominal segments of Malthodes cameroni (Pic, 1903) are illustrated for the first time. Fourteen species of the family Malachiidae are listed, four of which are new for the Maltese Islands: Sphinginus lobatus (Olivier, 1790), Attalus sicanus Erichson, 1840, Ebaeus ruffoi Pardo, 1962, and Axinotarsus pulicarius (Fabricius, 1775). Attalus melitensis var. testaceipes Pic, 1903, syn. nov. is synonymized with Attalus sicanus Erichson, 1840.
Key words: Coleoptera, Cantharidae, Malachiidae, Palaearctic region, Malta, taxonomy, new synonyms, distribution
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