Review of the genus-level names proposed by Johannes Gistel in Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera)

Bezděk Jan
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 60(1): 173-188, 2020
Published online: 12th March 2020
Published in print: 15th June 2020
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Abstract: The genus-level names proposed by Johannes Gistel in Chrysomelidae are reviewed. The genus Chloemela Gistel, 1856 is designated as a nomen oblitum for Chrysolina Motschulsky, 1860 (nomen protectum), and Alitene Gistel, 1856 is designated as a nomen oblitum for Neophaedon Jacobson, 1901 (nomen protectum). The following new synonymies are established: Donaciinae: Macroplea Samouelle, 1819 = Calamobia Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Criocerinae: Crioceris Geoffroy, 1762 = Anthurga Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Cassidinae: Hybosa Chevrolat, 1842 = Axis Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Botanochara Dejean, 1836 = Epichorestes Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Notosacantha Chevrolat, 1836 = Festa Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Omocerus Chevrolat, 1836 = Homocera Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Basiprionota Chevrolat, 1836 = Monax Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Metazycera Chevrolat, 1836 = Scotias Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Cryptocephalinae: Disopus Chevrolat, 1836 = Disops Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Pachybrachis Chevrolat, 1836 = Pachybrachia Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Lachnaia Chevrolat, 1836 = Vervex Gistel, 1848 syn. nov. = Bucedestes Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Coptocephala Chevrolat, 1836 = Ecphorastes Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Labidostomis Chevrolat, 1836 = Labidostomus Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Eumolpinae: Bromius Chevrolat, 1836 = Chartonia Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Pachnephorus Chevrolat, 1836 = Euchthonius Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Metaxyonycha Chevrolat, 1836 = Herostrates Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Guyanica Chevrolat, 1836 = Lestivina Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Typophorus Chevrolat, 1836 = Polisma Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Lamprosomatinae: Oomorphus Curtis, 1831 = Laophilus Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Lamprosoma Kirby, 1819 = Phenareta Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Chrysomelinae: Chrysomela Linnaeus, 1758 = Ernobia Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Leucocera Chevrolat, 1836 = Foliana Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Gastrophysa Chevrolat, 1836 = Gasterophysia Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Gonioctena Chevrolat, 1836 = Goniactis Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Phaedon Latreille, 1829 = Poebia Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Strichosa Chevrolat, 1843 = Harpax Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Galerucinae: Podagrica Chevrolat, 1836 = Geochoreutes Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Oedionychis Latreille, 1829 = Haplosonyx Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Altica Geoffroy, 1762 = Pantryptes Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Psylliodes Latreille, 1829 = Psyllides Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Acrocrypta Baly, 1862 = Pusio Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; Sphaeroderma Stephens, 1831 = Sphaerodermus Gistel, 1856 syn. nov.; Oides Weber, 1801 = Eparchista Gistel, 1848 syn. nov.; and Agelastica Chevrolat, 1836 = Scholastica Gistel, 1848 syn. nov. The authorship of Elytrosphaera is discussed and the genus is attributed to Blanchard, 1845. Comisteisa Gistel, 1848 is confirmed as a synonym of Elytrosphaera. Type species are designated for Anthurga Gistel, 1848, Chartonia Gistel, 1856, Alitene Gistel, 1856, Chloemela Gistel, 1856, Ernobia Gistel, 1856, Geochoreutes Gistel, 1856, and Pantryptes Gistel, 1856. Unavailable genus names introduced by Gistel are listed and commented on. Publication dates of some Gistel’s publi­cations are discussed and specified.
Key words: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, taxonomy, nomenclature, Johannes Gistel, genus-group names, new synonymy, nomen oblitum, nomen protectum
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