Taumacera revisited, with new synonyms, new combinations and a revised catalogue of the species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae)

Bezděk Jan
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 59(1): 23-52, 2019
Published online: 30th January 2019
Published in print: 10th August 2019
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Abstract: The generic synonyms of Taumacera Thunberg, 1814 are revised. Acroxena Baly, 1879; Kinabalua Mohamedsaid, 1997; Neochrolea Jacoby, 1887; Paraenidea Laboissière, 1933 and Xenarthra Baly, 1861 are proposed as new synonyms of Taumacera. Luperomorphella Chûjô, 1964 is removed from the synonymy with Taumacera and proposed as a new synonym of Cerophysa Chevrolat, 1836. As a result of the examination of extensive type material, the following new combinations are proposed: Cerophysa albomaculata (Chûjô, 1964) comb. nov. (from Luperomorpha), Hoplosaenidea basalis (Duvivier, 1884) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Hoplosaenidea dohertyi (Jacoby, 1894) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Hoplosaenidea rubripennis (Duvivier, 1884) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Hyphaenia balyi (Jacoby, 1895) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Hyphaenia bicornuta (Medvedev, 2001) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Hyphaenia costata (Medvedev, 2001) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Hyphaenia tonkinensis (Laboissière, 1936) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Pseudoscelida metallica (Jacoby, 1887) comb. nov. (from Doridea), Pseudoscelida nigrolimbata (Jacoby, 1899) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Taumacera antennata (Mohamedsaid, 1997) comb. nov. (from Kinabalua), Taumacera bella (Weise, 1922) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Taumacera cervicornis (Baly, 1861) comb. nov. (from Xenarthra), Taumacera clypeata (Baly, 1888) comb. nov. (from Acroxena), Taumacera coxalis (Jacoby, 1899) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Taumacera facialis (Baly, 1886) comb. nov. (from Acroxena), Taumacera fulva (Kimoto, 1989) comb. nov. (from Acroxena), Taumacera jacobyi (Weise, 1922) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Taumacera javanensis (Jacoby, 1895) comb. nov. (from Dorydea), Taumacera lewisi (Jacoby, 1887) comb. nov. (from Xenarthra), Taumacera martensi (Medvedev, 1990) comb. nov. (from Acroxena), Taumacera mirabilis (Jacoby, 1887) comb. nov. (from Xenarthra), Taumacera musaamani (Mohamedsaid, 2010) comb. nov. (from Kinabalua), Taumacera nasuta (Baly, 1879) comb. nov. (from Acroxena), Taumacera paradoxa (Laboissière, 1936) comb. nov. (from Acroxena), Taumacera samoderzhenkovi (Medvedev, 1992) comb. nov. (from Acroxena), Taumacera submetallica (Jacoby, 1896) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Taumacera sumatrensis (Jacoby, 1884) comb. nov. (from Aenidea), Taumacera suturalis (Duvivier, 1885) comb. nov. (from Platyxantha), Taumacera unicolor (Jacoby, 1887) comb. nov. (from Xenarthra), Taumacera viridis (Hope, 1831) comb. nov. (from Auchenia). New substitute names are proposed for preoccupied taxa which are newly transferred to Taumacera from other genera: Taumacera kimotoi nom. nov. (for Acroxena femoralis Kimoto, 1989, nec Platyxantha femoralis Allard, 1889, synonym of T. fulvicollis (Jacoby, 1881)); Taumacera indicola nom. nov. (for Acroxena indica Jacoby, 1896, nec Taumacera indica (Jacoby, 1889)); Taumacera medvedevi nom. nov. (for Acroxena nigricornis Medvedev, 1992, nec Taumacera nigricornis (Baly, 1864)). The following new synonyms are established: Fleutiauxia chinensis (Maulik, 1933) = Fleutiauxia mutifrons Gressitt & Kimoto, 1963 syn. nov.; Hoplosaenidea abdominalis (Jacoby, 1884) = Platyxantha wallacei Jacoby, 1895 syn. nov.; Metrioidea grandis (Allard, 1889) = Platyxantha robusta Jacoby, 1895 syn. nov.; Taumacera lewisi (Jacoby, 1887) = Aenidea hirtipennis Jacoby, 1887 syn. nov.; Taumacera indica (Jacoby, 1889) = Palpoxena yunnana Medvedev, 2015 syn. nov.; Taumacera sumatrensis (Jacoby, 1884) = Ozomena intermedia Jacoby, 1899 syn. nov. Platyxantha quadraticollis Jacoby, 1896 is confirmed as a synonym of Theopella bodjoensis (Duvivier, 1885). The name Hyphaenia tibialis Medvedev & Romantsov, 2013 is fixed by the act of the first reviewer principle. Based on the structure of antennae, seven species-groups are recognized (the antennata-group, the cervicornis-group, the deusta-group, the insignis-group, the nasuta-group, the nigricornis-group, and the viridis-group). Lectotypes are designated for Platyxantha balyi Jacoby, 1895 and Dorydea indica Jacoby, 1889, which is important since each of their syntype series consists of two different species.
Key words: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, Taumacera, taxonomy, nomenclature, new synonymy, new combinations, new species, Sri Lanka, Oriental Region
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