A revision of the types of Heteroptera species described by Géza Horváth based on specimens from collections of Ladislav Duda and Emil Holub

Kment Petr, Rédei Dávid
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 58(1): 275-295, 2018
Published online: 1st August 2018
Published in print: 15th August 2018
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Abstract: A recent cataloguing of the Heteroptera (Hemiptera) types held in the collection of National Museum, Prague (NMPC), revealed several specimens originating from the collection of Czech collectors Emil Holub and Ladislav Duda, being part of the same series as types described by Géza Horváth in his paper ‘Hemiptera nova africana’ and until now believed to be deposited exclusively in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest (HNHM). The publication date of that paper is fixed as March 20, 1893, affecting these taxa: Reduviidae: Coranopsis Horváth, 1893, Coranopsis vittata Horváth, 1893, Cosmolestes fulvus Horváth, 1893, Edocla albipennis Horváth, 1893, Harpactor (Diphymus) dudae Horváth, 1893, Oncocephalus angustatus Horváth, 1893, Phonoctonus validus Horváth, 1893, Reduvius reuteri Horváth, 1893, Staccia inermis Horváth, 1893; Blissidae: Ischnocoridea Horváth, 1893, Ischnocoridea elegans Horváth, 1893; Rhyparochromidae: Aphanus (Graptopeltus) dilutus Horváth, 1893 [= Naphiellus dilutus (Horváth, 1893)], Pamera bergrothi Horváth, 1893 [= Horridipamera bergrothi (Horváth, 1893)]; Coreidae: Homoeocerus fuscicornis Horváth, 1893, Hypselonotus balteatus Horváth, 1893 [= Hypselonotus interruptus Hahn, 1833]; Plataspidae: Niamia Horváth, 1893, Niamia angulosa Horváth, 1893; Scutelleridae: Cantao africanus Horváth, 1893, Cryptacrus princeps Horváth, 1893 [= Cryptacrus comes comes (Fabricius, 1803)], Polytodes Horváth, 1893 [= Polytes Stål, 1867], Polytodes ochraceus Horváth, 1893 [= Polytes tigrinus (Vollenhoven, 1868)]; Dinidoridae: Dinidor vicarius Horváth, 1893; Pentatomidae: Caura modesta Horváth, 1893, Diploxys (Paracoponia) holubi Horváth, 1893 [= Coponia holubi (Horváth, 1893)], Paracoponia Horváth, 1893 [= Coponia Stål, 1865], Mecosoma spinosum Horváth, 1893 [= Macrorhaphis acuta Dallas, 1851], Menida distanti Horváth, 1893 [= Menida transversa transversa (Signoret, 1861)], and Stollia crucifera Horváth, 1893. Only the following type specimens bearing Horváth’s original type label and deposited in HNHM are recognized and their status elucidated: Coranopsis vittata (1 syntype), Cosmolestes fulvus (holotype), Edocla albipennis (holotype), Harpactor (Diphymus) dudae (1 syntype), Oncocephalus angustatus (1 syntype), Reduvius reuteri (1 syntype), Homoeocerus fuscicornis (1 syntype), Hypselonotus balteatus (1 syntype), Niamia angulosa (1 syntype), Cryptacrus princeps (1 syntype), Polytodes ochraceus (holotype), Dinidor vicarius (holotype), Caura modesta (lectotype), Diploxys (Paracoponia) holubi (lectotype), and Menida distanti (1 syntype). The syntype(s) of Cantao africanus and holotype of Stollia crucifera could not be located; a specimen in NMPC presumably from the same series is designated here as neotype of Stollia crucifera. Based on the examination of the type material the following subjective synonymies are proposed: Neotrichedocla quadrisignata (Stål, 1855) = Reduvius reuteri Horváth, 1893, confirmed synonymy; Dinidor impicticollis Stål, 1870 = D. vicarius Horváth, 1893, syn. nov.; Parantestia (Chromantestia) cincticollis (Schaum, 1853) = Parantestia (Chromantestia) modesta (Horváth, 1893), syn. nov. = Parantestia (Chromantestia) cincticollis var. bergrothiana Kirkaldy, 1909, syn. nov.; Cosmopepla cruciaria Stål, 1872 = Stollia crucifera Horváth, 1893, syn. nov. Rhynocoris katangensis Schouteden, 1929 (Reduviidae), erroneously considered as junior synonym of Rhynocoris dudae by Maldonado Capriles (1990), must be considered valid species. Type locality of the species described based on material collected by Emil Holub is discussed. New records are provided for Edocla albipennis (Namibia), Homoeocerus fuscicornis (Angola) and Parantestia cincticollis (Republic of the Congo).
Key words: Heteroptera, Coreidae, Dinidoridae, Pentatomidae, Plataspidae, Reduviidae, neotype, new synonym, taxonomy, type material, type depository, Afrotropical Region, Neo­tropical Region
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