Taxonomic review of the plant bug genera Amapacylapus and Cylapus with descriptions of two new species and a key to the genera of Cylapini (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae)

Wolski Andrzej
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 57(2): 399-455, 2017
Published online: 31st December 2017
Views: 541
Abstract: The plant bug tribe Cylapini (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae: Cylapinae) is diagnosed and a worldwide key to the genera of the tribe is provided. The taxonomic review of the New World Cylapini genera Amapacylapus Carvalho & Fontes,1968 and Cylapus Say, 1832 is provided, including a key to species, diagnoses and redescriptions of genera and most included species, and descriptions of two new species, Amapacylapus unicolor sp. nov. (Ecuador) and Cylapus luridus sp. nov. (Brazil). Illustrations of the male genitalia, color photographs of the adult and scanning electron micrographs of the selected species are provided. The genus Cylapocerus Carvalho & Fontes, 1968 syn. nov. is proposed as a junior synonym of Cylapus with all species currently placed in Cylapocerus transferred to Cylapus. The following new combinations are established: Cylapus amazonicus (Carvalho, 1989) comb. nov., Cylapus antennatus (Carvalho & Fontes, 1968) comb. nov., and Cylapus tucuruiensis (Carvalho, 1989) comb. nov. Peltidocylapus labeculosus (Bergroth, 1922) is transferred to the genus Amapacylapus as Amapacylapus labeculosus (Bergroth, 1922) comb. nov. Male neotype is designated for Cylapus tenuicornis Say, 1832. The following new country records are provided: Amapacylapus amapariensis Carvalho & Fontes, 1968 (Ecuador, Guyana); Cylapus amazonicus (Bolivia, Ecuador); Cylapus antennatus (Ecuador); Cylapus citus Bergroth, 1922 (Bolivia, Brazil, Guyana, Peru); Cylapus marginicollis (Distant, 1883) (Nicaragua, Panama); Cylapus ruficeps Bergroth, 1922 (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador); Cylapus tenuicornis (USA); Cylapus tucuruiensis (Venezuela).
Key words: Heteroptera, Miridae, Cylapinae, Cylapini, Amapacylapus, Cylapus, diagnosis, key, new combination, new species, new synonym, Neotropical Region
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