Revision of the subgenus Gelaeus of Chrysodema (Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Chrysochroinae)

Frank David, Sekerka Lukáš
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 56(2): 671-719, 2016
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Abstract: The subgenus Gelaeus Waterhouse, 1905 of Chrysodema Laporte & Gory, 1835 is revised based on comparative study of extensive material including types of all described taxa. The subgenus is restricted to the Lesser Sunda Islands and Selayar Islands, Indonesia. Three new species and six subspecies are described: Chrysodema (Gelaeus) katka sp. nov. from Timor Island, C. (G.) oborili oborili sp. nov. from Yamdena Islands, C. (G.) oborili laratensis subsp. nov. from Larat Island, C. (G.) sara sp. nov. from Babar Island, C. (G.) walkeri bilyi subsp. nov. from Selaru Island, C. (G.) walkeri horaki subsp. nov. from Leti Island, C. (G.) walkeri kubani subsp. nov. from Romang Island, C. (G.) walkeri nigriventris subsp. nov. from Moa Island, and C. (G.) walkeri rejzeki subsp. nov. from Alor Island. Chrysodema (G.) wetteriana (Théry, 1935) stat. nov. is raised to species rank (formely subspecies of C. (G.) walkeri (Waterhouse, 1892)). Chrysodema moluensis Novak, 2010 is assigned to Gelaeus and downgraded to subspecies C. (G.) iris moluensis Novak, 2010, stat. nov. Chrysodema (G.) cupriventris (Kerremans, 1898), stat. restit. is removed from synonymy of C. (G.) walkeri. Chrysodema (G.) florensis Lansberge, 1880, assign. nov. and C. (G.) cyanicollis Kerremans, 1900, assign. nov. are transferred from the nominotypical subgenus to Gelaeus. Lectotypes are designated for following taxa to ensure their correct application and recognition in future: Chrysodema (G.) florensis Lansberge, 1880, C. (G.) foraminifera Lansberge, 1879, C. (G.) iris (Kerremans, 1898), C. (G.) walkeri (Waterhouse, 1892), and C. (G.) wetteriana (Théry, 1935). All herein included taxa are illustrated with colour habitus photographs as is the male aedeagus when available. A key to all taxa is given.
Key words: Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Chrysodema, Gelaeus, new species, new subspecies, new assignment, new status, restored status, lectotype designation, taxonomy, Lesser Sunda Islands, Selayar Islands, Indonesia, Oriental Region
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