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Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae

Volume 55 - Supplementum
published on: 15th November 2015
Volume 55 (s)
Bezděk Jan, Regalin RenatoIdentity of species-group taxa of the Western Palaearctic Clytrini (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) described by Maurice Pic and Louis KocherActa Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 55(supplementum): 1-113
Abstract: The species-group taxa of the Western Palaearctic Clytrini described by Maurice Pic (132 taxa) and Louis Kocher (11 taxa) are reviewed. The primary type specimens of almost all taxa were examined. The following new taxonomical changes are proposed: Chilotomina maroccana (Pic, 1936), comb. nov. (from Smaragdina) = Ch. erberi Warchałowski, 2000, syn. nov.; Clytra atraphaxidis atraphaxidis (Pallas, 1773) = C. atraphaxidis var. nigromaculata Pic, 1897, syn. nov.; Clytra duodecimmaculata (Fabricius, 1775) = C. bicoloriceps Pic, 1933, syn. nov.; Clytra deficiens Heyden, 1892 = C. nigrocincta var. graeca Pic, 1915, syn. nov. = C. nigrocincta var. multipunctata Pic, 1920, syn. nov. = C. nigrocincta var. subinterrupta Pic, 1920, syn. nov.; Coptocephala destinoi Fairmaire, 1884 = C. fallaciosa var. tambei Pic, 1942, syn. nov.; Coptocephala massiliensis Pic, 1914, stat. nov. = C. linnaeana Petitpierre & Alonso-Zarazaga, 2000, syn. nov.; Coptocephala perrisi (Desbrochers des Loges, 1870), comb. nov. (from Tituboea) = C. kerimii Fairmaire, 1875, syn. nov. = C. bleusei Pic, 1897, syn. nov. = C. sexstigma Pic, 1918, syn. nov. = C. kerimi f. rubriceps Roubal, 1948, syn. nov. = C. holoxantha Peyerimhoff, 1949, syn. nov. = C. schrammi Kocher, 1959, syn. nov.; Coptocephala sefrensis Pic, 1897 = C. metalliconotata Pic, 1933, syn. nov. = C. metalliconotata var. theryi Pic, 1936, syn. nov. = C. rotroui Kocher, 1969, syn. nov.; Labidostomis centrisculpta Pic, 1920 = L. alaiensis Pic, 1920, syn. nov.; Lachnaia (Barathraea) straminipennis (Lucas, 1845) = Barathraea octomaculata Pic, 1895, syn. nov. = Lachnea separata Pic, 1897, syn. nov.; Otiothraea rotroui (Kocher, 1961), comb. nov. (from Cheilotoma); Smaragdina affinis manicata (Lacordaire, 1848) = Gynandrophthalma manicata Lefèvre, 1872, syn. nov. = Chilotoma reyi var. lucidipes Pic, 1897, syn. nov.; Smaragdina persica (Pic, 1911) = S. mirabilis Romantsov, 2012, syn. nov.; Smaragdina scutellaris (Lefèvre, 1872) = S. furthi Erber & Medvedev, 1999, syn. nov. = S. jordanica Medvedev & Katbeh-Bader, 2002, syn. nov.; Smaragdina xanthaspis (Germar, 1824) = Cyaniris bicoloripes Pic, 1922, syn. nov.; Tituboea arabica (Olivier, 1808) = T. mokattamensis Pic, 1912, syn. nov. = T. subabbreviata Pic, 1912, syn. nov. = T. subabbreviata var. notaticeps Pic, 1912, syn. nov. = T. subabbreviata var. robustior Pic, 1912, syn. nov. = T. subabbreviata var. bisbinotata Pic, 1912, syn. nov.; Tituboea atriceps Pic, 1924, stat. nov. = Antipa minor var. decemmaculata Pic, 1937, syn. nov. = Antipa israelita Medvedev, 1992, syn. nov.; Tituboea biguttata (Olivier, 1791) = Antipa bicoloripes Pic, 1942, syn. nov.; Tituboea cingulata (Lefèvre, 1883) = Antipa arabica var. donceeli Pic, 1929, syn. nov.; Tituboea lefevrei (Pic, 1894), comb. nov. (from Coptocephala) = Antipa arabica var. palaestina Pic, 1929, syn. nov. = A. chikatunovi Lopatin, 1995, syn. nov.; Tituboea mecheriensis Pic, 1895, stat. nov. = T. octopunctata var. hypomelaena Bedel, 1921, syn. nov. = T. tredecimpunctata var. kocheri Pic, 1949, syn. nov. = Macrolenes janczyki Cobos, 1956, syn. nov. = Antipa urikkana Tomov, 1983, syn. nov.; Tituboea paykullii (Lacordaire, 1848) = Antipa testaceipes Pic, 1939, syn. nov. = A. hirsutula Kocher, 1959, syn. nov.; Tituboea saadensis (Pic, 1894) = Coptocephala volatica Normand, 1949, syn. nov. = C. adrarensis Pic, 1942, syn. nov. = Antipa reymondi Kocher, 1956, syn. nov.; Tituboea tredecimpunctata (Desbrochers des Loges, 1870) = T. peyerimhoffi Pic, 1902, syn. nov. Moreover, Coptocephala rubicunda var. massiliensis Pic, 1914, Antipa arabica var. lacordairei Pic, 1929, Titubaea minor var. atriceps Pic, 1924 and Titubaea octopunctata var. mecheriensis Pic, 1895 are elevated to species rank. Coptocephala dilatipes Pic, 1923, whose status was doubtful for many decades, is confirmed as a valid species. Seven species: Coptocephala dilatipes Pic, 1923; C. normandi Pic, 1914; Tituboea atriceps Pic, 1924; T. lacordairei (Pic, 1929); T. lefevrei (Pic, 1894); T. saadensis (Pic, 1894) and T. testaceiventris Pic, 1913 are redescribed. A lectotype is designated for Clythra perrisi Desbrochers des Loges, 1870. The following varieties are treated as unavailable infrasubspecific entities as they were described in papers containing also descriptions of subspecies: Antipa biguttata var. legionis Kocher, 1959; Clytra atraphaxidis var. quinquemaculata Pic, 1920; C. nigrocincta var. cyprica Pic, 1918; C. nigrocincta var. multipunc­tata Pic, 1920; C. nigrocincta var. subinterrupta Pic, 1920; C. novempunctata var. juncta Pic, 1920; C. valerianae var. drurei Pic, 1920; C. valerianae var. subjuncta Pic, 1920; Coptocephala melanocephala var. andalusiaca Pic, 1918; C. melanocephala var. espanoli Pic, 1933; C. melanocephala var. theryi Pic, 1918; C. rubicunda var. dalmatina Pic, 1918; C. sexstigma var. impressiceps Pic, 1918; Labidostomis arcuata var. arisi Pic, 1920; L. centromaculata var. lineata Pic, 1920; L. centromaculata var. obliterata Pic, 1920; L. centromaculata var. suturella Pic, 1920; L. elegans var. inhumeralis Pic, 1920; L. hybrida var. atlasica Kocher, 1959; L. rufomarginata var. reymondi Kocher, 1959; Titubaea chobauti var. semijuncta Pic, 1918 and T. macropus var. armeniaca Pic, 1918. Infrasubspecific Lachnaea lucidicollis var. peyerimhoffi Kocher, 1953 was validated with original authorship by Codina Padilla (1958) who adopted L. peyerimhoffi as a species name. Infrasubspecific Coptocephala kerimi var. rubriceps Pic, 1916 and Labidostomis elegans var. luristanica Pic, 1920 were validated by Roubal (1948) and Warchałowski (2004) with new authorships. The publication year is corrected for Camptolenes cingulata Lefèvre, 1883 (not 1884) and Gynandrophthalma vaulogeri Pic, 1894 (not 1895). The identities of Tituboea fasciaticeps (Pic, 1929) and T. minor Fairmaire, 1894 are uncertain, and because the deposition of their type specimens is unknown, we treat them as nomina dubia. Because Kocherʼs collection of Clytrini (now part of the private collection of Pierre Jolivet) comprises some type specimens of Kocherʼs contemporaries Maurice Antoine and Antonio Cobos whose deposition was unknown, their list is also presented. We provide new distribution records for the following countries: Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Tunisia.