Platyplastinx ibanezbernali sp. nov., a new species of moth fly (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Ecuador

Jaume-Schinkel Santiago, Kvifte Gunnar M.
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 62(2): 383-389, 2022
Published online: 16th December 2022
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Abstract: A new species of Platyplastinx Enderlein, 1937, Platyplastinx ibanezbernali sp. nov., is described from Ecuador based on morphological characters as well as DNA barcodes from male and female specimens. We provide the first brief description of an egg for the genus. Furthermore, this species is included in the key to world species of the genus, and we provide a key to adult males of Platyplastinx from Ecuador.
Key words: Lower Diptera, Psychodinae, new species, taxonomy, Ecuador, Neotropical Region