New species of bristletails of the family Machilidae (Archaeognatha) from Kazakhstan

Kaplin Vladimir, Shakula Georgiy
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 61(2): 435-445, 2021
Published online: 24th November 2021
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Abstract: The fauna of bristletails of the family Machilidae in Kazakhstan currently includes one species of the genus Silvestrichiloides Mendes, 1990 and 13 species of the genus Allopsontus Silvestri, 1911. The present study describes one new species of the genus Silvestrichiloides (S. berkarensis Kaplin, sp. nov. from South Kazakhstan) and two new species of the genus Allopsontus (A. (Kaplinilis) nigrostriatus Kaplin, sp. nov. and A. (Machilanus) perfectus Kaplin, sp. nov. from Southeastern Kazakhstan). Silvestrichiloides berkarensis sp. nov. differs from the other species of this genus in the structure of antennal flagellum, apical palpomere of labial palp and ovipositor. Among species of the subgenus Kaplinilis Mendes, 1990, A. nigrostriatus sp. nov. belongs to a group of species characterized by numerous short chaetae on the ventral surface of the 5–7th palpomeres of the male maxillary palp and by the absence on the labial palp. This group includes two species: A. volgensis Kaplin, 1999 from Samara Region and A. smelyanskii Kaplin, 1999 from Orenbourg Region (both Russia). The new species differs from A. volgensis and A. smelyanskii in the length of the body and antenna, color of scales on the upper surface of the body, shape of the compound eye and paired ocellus, structure of the flagellum and apical palpomere of the male labial palp. The subgenus Machilanus Silvestri, 1934 is represented only by A. bitschi Wygodzinsky, 1962 from Afghanistan and A. perfectus sp. nov., which are characterized by numerous short chaetae on the ventral surface of the 2nd–7th palpomeres of the male maxillary palp. Allopsontus perfectus sp. nov. differs from A. bitschi in the shape of compound eyes, paired ocellus, structure of male labial palp and genitalia.
Key words: Archaeognatha, Microcoryphia, Silvestrichiloides, Allopsontus, Kaplinilis, Machilanus, taxonomy, Almaty Region, Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan, Palaearctic Region
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