Instructions for authors

Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae (AEMNP) is an open access journal focused on insect systematics. Papers are published free of charge in full color, first as on-line PDFs and subsequently (twice a year) in printed version. All papers are registered in ZooBank and reposited as read-only PDFs in Biotaxa archive in compliance with requirements of the International Commission of the Zoological for on-line publications. All taxonomic acts published in AEMNP are hence valid immediately after the on-line publication of the respective paper.

 Focus of the journal

Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae publishes entomological papers focused on
  1. insect systematics, taxonomy and nomenclature,
  2. morphology of adult and immature stages and/or their biology with possible applications in taxonomy and phylogeny,
  3. phylogeny at least partly based on morphological characters (or with morphology at least mapped on the tree),
  4. catalogues applicable for further taxonomy and biodiversity studies,
  5. general papers on methodology of insect taxonomy.

Publication strategy

Papers are published on-line first, with PDFs freely available from the journal web page and from associated archives (Biotaxa, DeGruyter). Twice a year, published papers are assembled and printed. After being published in print, authors will receive 20 hardcopy reprints of their paper.
Papers are published in the following categories:

  • Research paper
  • Short communication (short papers with species description(s) without a broader context)
  • Review
  • Opinion
  • Conference abstracts (available upon discussion with editors)
  • Collection catalogue (primarily related to the collections of the National Museum Prague)
  • Editorial
Research papers, reviews and opinion papers are published on-line shortly after being accepted for publication. Other categories are published twice a year (usually in June and December) and will appear at the end of the respective printed issue. Editors may be consulted for publication of a set of research papers in a special section (e.g., papers celebrating a renowned entomologist etc.).

Manuscripts are reviewed by two peer reviewers and evaluated by the editorial board. Papers not conforming to the journal scope and style may be returned without a review.
Manuscripts submitted to AEMNP must contain unpublished work and cannot be simultaneously submitted elsewhere.
AEMNP only accepts manuscripts in clear and concise English; papers requiring extensive linguistic corrections will be returned to the authors. Subject to the editors approval, papers may contain a translation of the summary or identification keys into other languages.
Authors must follow the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and its important recommendations, especially Recommendation 16C on the deposition of the type material in institutional collections.

Publication fees

No page charges are required for papers in ordinary volumes, both PDFs and printed version of the papers are published in color. Publication of a supplement or monograph is only possible after the consultation with the editors and the publication and printing expenses have to be completely covered by the author.

Submitting the manuscript and editorial process

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the journal office by e-mail.

should be in .doc standard text file or .rtf format. Do not divide words. Special fonts (e.g., Chinese characters) may be used in justified cases after the consultation with the technical editor.

needs to be composed in plates and submitted as a PDF file with figure legend placed below each plate. Print quality high resolution plates in TIFF format may be submitted along with the PDF file, or will be requested later once the manuscript is accepted for publication. Plate size should not exceed 170x250 mm for a whole page plate and 80.5x250 mm for a single column plates. In plates not filling the complete height of the page, ca. 50 mm of height needs to be left for the text on the same page.

Proofs. Author(s) will receive one set of proofs, and will be asked to approve the final version of the paper before being published.

All correspondence should be sent to the AEMNP journal office by e-mail ( or via usual postal service to the following address:
National Museum
Department of Entomology
Cirkusova 1740
CZ-19100 Praha 9
Czech Republic

Structure of the manuscript

Manuscript should be structured as follows: title page, abstract, keywords, main text, acknowledgements, references, figure legends and figures. The main text should be divided into introduction, material and methods, results and discussion; some of them can be omitted where appropriate (e.g. in short notes). Page headings are supplied by the editors and approved by the authors in proofs.

For detailed instructions concerning particular sections, see the PDF version of the Instructions for authors.

The editors reserve the right to make minor editorial changes in line with these instructions without the approval of authors.